June 29, 2022

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Summer Dreame Episode 8

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💫Summer DREAME💫
(💜Are You Eighteen?)

✅Rejoice Jeremiah. C.®

~WEEK 1 #Day 1

(Pool Time🏊)
[Dream mansion]

[Fast forward]

After Lunch, a fashion show took place between all the housemates at the living room.
Chris brought the fun idea and he was the first to walk the runway

He was pretty good in his usual funny way but not so good.
Cruz was the second to walk the runway, he was more good than Chris.

Honey, Alex and Finn complimented that he could make a fine runway model and artiste too.

The third to walk the runway was Sam. A model would always be a model. She made the perfect style and walked the unique style. She showed everyone that she is truly a model.

All housemates applauded her except Ivan who said nothing.

The fourth housemate was May. She has the perfect body and beautiful face for modeling but she wasn’t that good.

“I know I’m not good. I’m okay with being just a doctor,” she said to the housemates.

The fifth housemate was Grace. She was good too and put in a style different from the others, which made her more outstanding.
She would make it in the modeling industry.

Everyone applauded her except Sam and Ivan but Ivan had his eyes fixed on her when she walked the runway.

The sixth housemate was Honey. Honey was pretty good too just like Grace but she caused a loving scene when she suddenly gave a few dance steps.. A dancer would always be a dancer.

All housemates applauded her except Ivan as usual.

The seventh housemate was Finn. He was so good. He made the right steps, and did an outstanding style and posture.
He would make it in the modeling industry.

The eight housemate was Claire. Claire wasn’t good enough just like May but she was better than May.
She got applauds too.

“I’m better in the kitchen,” Claire said with a smile.

The ninth Housemate was Alex.
He was really good just like Finn.
Honey couldn’t stop staring and smiling at him as he walked the runway.

Finally, the tenth housemate was Ivan.
All housemate could testify that he was the best among all.
His styles, his posture, his walking style, his looks. Everything testified that Ivan is a model from birth.

‘He’s being a model right from the age of seven, so he should be the best’ Grace said within.

Everyone applauded Ivan except Grace.

The fashion show got over.

Claire, May, Finn, Alex and Chris left to upstairs, to the bedrooms.

Grace wanted to leave the sitting room too. Ivan didn’t want to leave so she will, besides it’s just twenty minutes to the Pool time so she gotta go change.

“I’m going to change for the pool time,” Grace said to Honey.
“Sure, let’s go together,” Honey said.

They got up and headed upstairs.

Cruz got up too and headed upstairs, now it was just Ivan and Sam at the living room.

Sam turned to him looking like she wanted to tell him something but just instantly, Ivan got up and headed upstairs.

Sam watched him for a moment then got up and headed upstairs too.


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[Manuel’s residence]

“Grace! I know she wouldn’t wear that bikini..” Vie said.

At the Dreame Show going on on the TV, Grace was putting on an orange crop singlet and a matching orange coloured high waist lace swim skirt.

She was at the girl’s room talking with Honey and Claire.
Honey wore a rosy flowered bikini and tied a white towel around her waist, While Claire wore a black and yellow swimsuit and also tied a white towel around her waist.

“Just take a look at Honey, ” Vie added.

“You know Grace. She never wears anything that exposes her body too much,” Joel said.

“Ugh we all know Grace has such a nice body. Exposing it just a little won’t be a bad idea,” Vie said.

“Why would she do that, huh?!” Adam snapped at Vie.

Vie looked at him with raised brow. “Huh? What’s wrong with you? If I can remember, you were the one who picked that bikini saying it would fit her more.”

“So? She doesn’t wanna wear it. No one can force her to wear it…huh! You guys are disturbing my ears. I can’t hear what Grace is saying because you both keep talking,” Adam said, looking angered.

Vie and Joel glanced at themselves in utter disbelieve.

Joel looked at Adam and asked him “Is everything okay with you dude?”

“Yeah. I need some water,” Adam said and left to the fridge.

Joel turned to Vie. “Vie is this what I’m thinking?”
“What are you thinking?” Vie asked Joel.

“That Adam is not happy that Grace went to Summer Dreame?” Joel asked.
Vie chuckled. “Of course not.”

“Then why is he acting this way?”

Vie smiled. “You should ask him Joel. I don’t know either”

Joel. “Are you sure? You are his sister Vie. You can’t tell me that you don’t know.”

“I’m serious Joel..” Vie said and turned to the TV screen. “Oh…look at Cruz! He’s so hot” she said with a bright smile.

Joel turned to the TV and his eyes landed on Ivan who had gotten ready for the pool.

He was on a nice looking swimming trunk with his abs visible.
He looked breath taking.

“Haven’t you noticed something odd?” Joel asked Vie.
“What are you talking about?” Vie asked.
“Between Grace and Ivan” Joel said.
“Uhmm…. There’s nothing odd going on between them. I haven’t noticed,” Vie said.
“Okay” Joel said.

Adam returned with three glasses of orange juice.
He took one, Vie took one and Joel took.
Adam sat back on his seat and the three friends faced the TV.

The housemates were heading to the pool now.

Chris and Cruz going first, then Grace, Honey and Claire following. Then Finn, May and Sam following and finally Ivan and Alex.

Dreame swimming pool is a beautiful long and very wide pool with pool chaise and also ten chairs and a table built inside the pool which stood by the side of the pool.
Four pool floats are seen floating in the pool.
Dreame pool is a beauty to behold.
There are also water guns, throw rings and pool balls inside the pool making the pool appear more fun looking.

Alex was the first Housemate to dive into the swimming pool, followed by Chris.

[Dreame Mansion| Time- 2:05pm]

Alex and Chris dived into the swimming pool.

Sam who wore a white bikini walked to the front of Grace and Honey.

“Excuse me girls, I wanna dive into the pool from here,” she said to Grace and Honey.

Honey smiled at her. “Sure”

Grace and Honey shifted away and Sam dived into the swimming pool and swam away.

“Wow, she can swim,” Grace said to Honey.
“You can’t ?” Honey asked Grace.
“Not really,” Grace said.
“Do you want to become perfect?” Honey asked her.
“Sure but…not now,” Grace said.
“But you can dive in right?” Honey asked her.
“I can’t,” Grace said.

Honey smiled. “Then use the pool stairs, the swimming isn’t deep but I’ll pass you a throw ring.”

“Okay,” Grace said.

“Then I’m diving in now,” Honey said and in a second, she dived into the water.

Grace walked to the pool stair and walked into the pool.

When she got into the pool, she searched around for Ivan thinking he’s inside the pool but saw him at the other side of the pool, sitting on the pool coping with his legs inside the water.

And just at that moment, his eyes turned to her and teir eyes met and as usual, Grace looked away

‘Why must he look at me whenever i do.. Why did I even bother to look at him?’ Grace wondered annoyingly.

“Here,” Honey said to Grace, pushing a throw ring to her.

Grace wore the throw ring but her stubborn eyes went to Ivan again but he wasn’t there again.
She searched for him again and this time, he was inside the pool and swimming towards a pool float.

She had no idea that her eyes were fixed on him until he got to one of the float, got in and laid on it.

“Here,” Honey gave Grace a glass of fruit juice with a straw inside.
“Thanks,” Grace smiled at honey and took it.

Immediately, someone shot water on Grace.
“Ohwww!” Grace exclaimed and turned to see it’s Cruz.

She laughed. “Hey Cruz..”

Cruz shot her another water and Grace dodged it.
“Stoppp Cruz” she told him.
“Grab yours and shot me back if you can,” Cruz said to her.

Honey chuckled and saw away.

Grace dropped her glass of juice at the coping and grabbed a water gun. She shot it at Cruz who tried to dodge but it hit him.

They both laughed out.

Ivan watched them from where he laid, sipping his glass of fruit juice with crossed legs.
He wore a dark sunglasses.

He watched Grace shake water off her hair and shot Cruz the more and Cruz in return shot her.
The fact that the black american girl’s face still looked familiar to Ivan got him staring at her the more.

She kept laughing out at her plays with Cruz. Then Cruz stopped and told something which Ivan didn’t hear.

“Let’s take a break, go drink your juice,” Cruz told Grace who went to her glass of juice, sipped a quantity and returned.

‘Who’s she? Why do her face keep looking familiar to me?’ Ivan wondered.

But his thoughts got obstructed by Sam’s presence.
She was also on a pool float and her float floated to Ivan’s and joined with his thus making both of them close to each other.
Sam also wore a dark sunglasses like Ivan.

Ivan glanced at Grace one more time then took his eyes off, glanced at Sam and faced the sky.

“You must be enjoying the view?” Sam said to Ivan.
Ivan took a sip. “Yeah”

Sam smiled.

“Ah this is really nice… ” Sam said and took a sip from her glass of juice. “The sky is so pretty today, right?”

Ivan took his time before replying. “Yeah”

Sam smiled.

At the other part of the pool, Honey, Claire, Finn, Chris, May and Alex were throwing ball at each other.
It was really fun so Grace wanted to join too.

“Let’s join them,” Grace said to Cruz.
“Sure,” Cruz said and they headed over to the others.

Grace got in and Cruz got in too.

Alex through the ball at the next housemate who is Honey. Honey smiled, grabbing the ball and throwing at Grace who threw it at Cruz.

Chris was the at the center trying to catch the ball.

Cruz got it and threw at Finn, Finn threw it at Claire but Claire missed it.

They laughed.

Claire took Chris position and Chris took her position.

“Ohhh I hate this,” Claire said laughing.
“Come on Claire, you can do it!” Chris said to her.

“Says someone who couldn’t catch the ball,” Alex said and they laughed including Chris.

(Twenty minutes later🕔)

Honey and Grace were in the double pool floats with their sunglasses on.
Ivan and Sam had gotten off theirs.
Ivan was still in the pool, swimming but Sam was off the pool and sitting on the pool coping with her legs in the water.

Cruz, Chris and Claire are sitting on the chairs built inside the pool while Alex, May and Finn are off the pool and sitting at the pool chaise.

“We are like the triple c’s now,” Chris said to Cruz and Claire.

Claire chuckled. “Oh you are right.”
“I love this seat,” Chris said.
“Me too,” Claire answered.

Cruz’s thoughts were on Grace who laid on the pool float with Honey.

“I wanna ask you something but I don’t know if it’s personal so if it is you can ignore it.” Honey said do Grace.

“What’s that?” Grace asked her.

“Why don’t you know how to swim? Like everything teen in Canada wanna learn how to swim but you don’t.” Honey said.

Grace smiled. “I was never interested in swimming. I didn’t see it as something I should put my whole heart to. Though I love summer and the beach and the pools, but I just love to be there, enjoy the aura, feel the waters without having to swim,” Grace said.

Honey smiled. “That’s a nice reply.”

“Thank you” Grace smiled back.

“Ohhh it’s becoming boring and we still have two hours to get off the pool.. Let me think of what to bring in now.” Honey said to Grace.

Grace smiled. “I have one in mind”

“Really? Tell me” honey said.

“A swim challenge. Those who can swim can do a swim challenge” Grace said.

“Wow.. This sound great… I’m going to challenge Sam.” Honey said.

“Okay… So are you gonna tell them now?” Grace asked her.

“Sure! Watch me do that” honey said and sat up.

“Hello guys, let’s do a challenge. Swim challenge. Two people should challenge each other. Who’s in?” Honey announced it.

Grace watched her with admirable smiles.

“I’m in!” Chris raised his hand up.

“I’m so in and I’m challenging Grace,” Sam said and jumped into the water.

Grace raised her brows as her heart skipped.
She sat up and looked at Sam who smiled at her.

“No, challenge me instead,” Honey said to Sam.
“I can make my choice don’t tell me who to compete with when you aren’t the HOM,” Sam said.

“You ca–” honey was about to reply her but Grace cut in.

“I can’t swim,” Grace cut in.

“Oops! My bad. I thought you can. Who on earth doesn’t know how to swim?” Sam said.

“Me,” Grace said with a smile.

“Me too,” May said, coming to the pool.

“I do so I’m challenging you for a swim,” Honey said.

Sam smiled. “Fine then”

“Chris and I are next,” Cruz said.

“Let’s make it three competitors. Sam, Honey and I,” Claire said.

“Chris Cruz and I then,” Finn said.

“Ivan and I, where’s our third?” Alex asked.

“Uhm I think you two have to compete without a third,” Honey said to Alex. She admired the carving of his brows.

It caused a smile to her face.

(Three minutes later)

Sam, Honey and Claire stood at the pool edge, a distance from each other and ready to dive in.

Grace watched Honey.
Honey gave her an assuring nod and Grace reciprocated.

Cruz blew the whistle and the three girls dived into the water.

Grace cheered Honey up while Chris cheered Claire up.
Ivan watched Grace cheering Honey up.

Honey swam like a professional, Sam tried her best but couldn’t get even a little close to Honey but Claire was the last.

Honey was the first to touch the pool coping before Sam Swam a little more and made it as the second then Claire third.

Grace ran to Honey and did a high five clap.

“Wow.. You are so damn good,” Grace said to Honey who winked at her.

“You are so good Honey,” Cruz said to honey. “Sam you are really good too” he said to Sam.

“You tried your best Claire,” Chris said to Claire who smiled at him.

Sam walked out of the water and went for a towel, looking upset.

(Two minutes later)

The next competitors were Chris, Cruz and Finn.

Honey blew the whistle and they dived into the water.

Claire cheered Chris up.
May cheered Cruz up.
Others cheered the trio up.

Cruz made it to the pool coping first!

Grace, May and others clapped for him.

Chris followed as the second winner.

“Wah I did it!” he exclaimed with his smiles directed to Claire who was clapping for him.

Others clapped for him too.

Finn came third.

He was applauded and he smiled it off.

“I’m not that good. They are awesome,” Finn said referring to Cruz and Chris.

Finally, Ivan and Alex were the last.
They stood at the pool edge waiting for the whistle to blow.

Honey blew the whistle and they dived in.

This time, Grace watched Ivan while Honey watched Alex.

Both Ivan and Alex were great swimmers and none was ahead of the other but Honey wanted Alex to win Ivan and Grace wanted Alex to Win Ivan too.

Grace watched Ivan praying he gets a sudden attack while Honey watched Alex praying he gets ahead of Ivan.

Both were getting close to the pool coping, none ahead of the other…

‘Swim pass him Alex!’ grace pleaded within her.

But as the devil always toyed with her as usual, Alex suddenly slacked back and Ivan swam pass him

‘Damn!’ Grace cursed within.

Honey sighed.

Ivan got to the pool edge and waited for Alex to reach.
Alex reached and turned to Ivan.

“You are good man,” Alex told him.
“You too,” Ivan said.

Grace sighed.

The rest of the swimming was also fun filled, another round of ball throwing took place, but this time, all housemates were in including Ivan and Sam.

Ivan joined because he felt like, Sam joined because Ivan joined but Grace was relived because she was five people away from him.

But suddenly, May threw her the ball and she didn’t catch it, because she took just a little glance at Ivan.

“Wow! Get in….you are catching the ball,” May said to her.

Grace sighed and got in.

During the times that she tried to catch the ball, she kept giving glances at Ivan and Ivan kept glancing at her too.

This went on until suddenly she jumped on the ball which Alex threw to Ivan though she didn’t grab the ball because Ivan had already caught it but she ended up grabbing Ivan’s hands.

Both stared at each other.

‘How can someone be this handsome?’ grace wondered.
‘Why do you look so familiar?’ Ivan wondered.

But suddenly Grace got herself and quickly removed her hands from his.

Ivan smirked at her and threw the ball to Sam who’s next after him.

Grace continued her luck in trying to catch the ball.

…………. ………..

Pool Time ended by 5pm and all housemates began returning into the mansion interior.

Grace and Honey.

Cruz, Chris and Claire who now call themselves the triple C.

May and Finn

Then finally, Sam, Ivan and Alex.

Ivan and Alex are now talking a bit but Sam wouldn’t leave Ivan’s sight.

Everyone looked excited, including Ivan.
The pool time had been fun filled.

As they all got to the living room, they heard Big Daddy’s voice.


Honey turned and headed towards another staircase which leads to the diary room.

Other housemates headed to the bedrooms.

Honey got to the door to the diary room, inhaled, exhaled then opened it and went in, closing the door.

There’s a comfy white couch inside the room. Honey sat on the couch and waited for Big Daddy to speak.



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