May 15, 2022

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Summer Dreame Prologue

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💫Summer DREAME 💫
(💜Are You Eighteen?)

✅Rejoice Jeremiah. C.®



💜Grace Blake💜

I rushed into the hall looking all sweaty and exhausted.
Only I knew how far I ran from Charles Rd to Emage company.

There were a lot of people to be auditioned and they all lined up waiting for their turn.
I was the last person.

I know all these people staring at me will be asking in their minds, ‘why is she late?’

Well, it all started with my alarm clock. I remember setting it to 5am but I ended up waking up by 7:40am.
The stupid alarm refused to sound. It spoilt at the middle of the night and my mom who was supposed to wake me up gave an unreasonable excuse of “I forgot”

Okay, fine… I tried my best to hurry up and reach here before 9:10am without having breakfast but devil always have his own way of ruining things for me.

Bad Traffic hit the road.
I couldn’t endure the delay so I came out of the cab and ran all the way here.
My feet weeps.

What did I ever did to deserve this?
I arrived 10:10am instead of 9:10am.

I needed this job so badly. Being a commercial actress for Emage would be a start to my dream.
How can I ever miss this?

“Hey,” someone called from behind me.
It was a sweet masculine voice.
I turned and my heart skipped when I saw it was Ivan Lincoln, the second son of Brown Lincoln, the owner of this company and so many more.

I’ve heard a lot about him, I’ve seen him in magazine covers and TV shows but this was my very first time seeing him life.
He goes to OnFord High School, one of the top five most expensive high schools in the country.
I had no idea he will be at this audition.

He looked so breathtaking.

‘But I’m I the one he’s calling! It can’t be me right?’

I quickly faced front.

‘I don’t even want it to be me. God please let it not be me. I don’t want to loose this job that I’m about to get’

“Hey you,” his voice this time was next to me.
He was standing next to me this time.

I inhaled and slowly looked at him.
He had amazing brown eyes.

“ Ye…s?” I stuttered, stuck in love with his eyes.

“Use the exit,” he said.

“Pardon?” I asked, not understanding fully.

“Don’t waste my time. You don’t come to auditions looking like some sweating pig and late too. Don’t waste a second,” he said.

“I..I…can explain. It’s…”

He cut me short. “Make your explanations to the sky when you get outside. I don’t wanna return here and see you,” he said and walked away.

Everyone in the audition hall were giggling at me.

I felt so embarrassed that I had to run out and I couldn’t help my tears in the cab.
I kept crying so much that the cab driver gave me a tissue.

For the first time ever since I began pursuing my acting dream, I got an opportunity to be auditioned but I ended up messing it up and he couldn’t even give me an opportunity to explain.

How did I let a guy of my age embarrass me like that?

I could have done better than all those people in there.
I could have gotten that job.

I cried more and more. I ended up getting so ill at home that I passed out and was rushed to the hospital.
When I finally recovered a week later, my hatred for Ivan Lincoln began.

▶▶▶▶Two Years Later▶▶▶▶

💜Grace Blake💜

Here am I again, two years later, in front of another audition and this time, I’m not going to mess things up.
I promises myself.

This is an audition that can change my life for good.
An audition that will show my talent to the world. It’s an audition I’ve been planning all my life.

The Summer Dreame Reality Show audition! .And this time, it’s an online audition and here I am with my laptop in front of me as I am about to do my two minutes online audition.

Just Two minutes!

My three bestfriends, Vie, Adam and Joel are also in front of their laptop in their room right now doing their own two minutes audition.

I cleared my throat.

“You can do this Grace…you can,” I assured myself as I did my curly hair well.

“Do not fear. There are thousands who are doing this audition right now but there’s every possibility that you will be among the ten picked… Just believe in yourself Grace Blake,” I said to myself.

Then I put on the video recording and I let out a smile to my laptop screen.

“My name is Grace Blake, I’m eighteen years old and I school in Willards High school. Being a housemate in Summer dreame season 5 will change my life in so many ways. It’s been my dream since 2013.
I’m an aspiring actress and I’m gonna bring a greatly entertaining spark in the mansion…”

🎯Episode 1 loading…🎯


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