Tales from the sea episode 15

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Grains of shattered imaginations
“You wanna live a normal human life huh?” I asked as she nodded slowly.
“Then you’re gonna do what normal humans do by entering the car, I mean land sea horse, and its not gonna eat or kill you, I’m here for you, OK? ” I said placing my hands on her shoulders as she nodded giving me that innocent look. I opened the front passenger seat beaconing on her to go in which she reluctanly did. I closed the door, placed my hands on my waist and heaved a heavy sigh of relief. This is way harder than I thought. I entered the car and fastened my seat belt and did same with her but she eyed me
“You’re tying me now huh?” I gave a small laugh and placed my hands on the steering wheel.
“That’s how normal humans do” with that I sped off.
We drove on the busy street of Mariana as she peered from the windscreen screaming and shouting. I shook my head out of frustration.
“Why are they so many monsters in this area” she asked with her eyes about popping out as I grinned.
“I told you before, its a car not a monster, like a land sea horse, that’s what humans use for transportation, there’s also one that flies on the air , but its calles an airplane and others like the yacht….
I stopped talking after I notices she was staring at me weirdly now. Guess she doesnt understand what am saying.
“Just know you’re inside a car, the end” I said factly as she kept staring at me. I shrugged and stopped at a shopping mall and alighted.
I stood under the scorching sun waiting for her to alight from the car too, but she just sat inside.
Damn me, I almost forgot I came with a dummy. I opened the door as she flashed her stupid smile at me.
“Come down” I said sternly as she did.
“Now listen to me fish, you’re not allowed to smile until I ask you to, you get that?” I said pointing my keys at her as the smile faded from her face and she nodded sadly.
“Good” I said and walked towards the mall as she did same but kept grunting. I turned back seeing her on bare feet, the hot street might be hurting her legs.
“Why didn’t you wear the shoes I kept for you?” I said out of frustration.
“What’s a shoe?” She said batting her lashes at me as I groaned.
I carried her on my shoulders as she giggled.
I took her inside the mall as one of the attendants smiled on seeing us while some customers giggled and took pictures while I dropped her.
“Isn’t that Morgan McCall? ”
“What’s he doing?”
“This is unbelievable!”
“What the heck?!”
I heard the customers say especially the female ones. The attendant urshered us in as he stopped and stared at Ariah lustfully .
“How can someone be this beautiful?”
“Is she human?”
“Her hair is like that of Rapunzel!”
“She must be a diva ”
“Her eyes are glowing blue”
“Wow what a beauty!”
Some people murmured as I smirked and drew her close to my body andwalked beside each other like two love birds.
“You’re welcome to our shopping mall Mr. McCall” the male attendant said giving me a handshake before offering a hand to Ariah, who just stared at it while he drooled at her.
“She doesn’t shake people” I said as he nodded and reluctantly withdrew his hand still staring at her.
“Emm Mr. I don’t like the way you’re staring at my girlfriend ” I told him bluntly as he blinked his eyes getting hold of himself cause it seems he was mesmerized by Ariah’s beauty
“I’m sorry” he mumbled as i glared at him.
“I need clothes for my girlfriend” I said factly as he nodded and led the way.
“Vanessa will show you around and you’ll pick any clothes you like” he said stopping at the vvip quarters as I nodded and glanced to the lady called venessa who was smiling at me.
“You’re welcome, ma’am, sir”she said smiling with a slight bow as I returned the smile.
“You’re girlfriend is extremely beautiful” she commended as I smiled and thanked her. I glanced to Ariah who was wearing a serious expression.
“Don’t you know how to smile?” I whispered to her ears.
“But you told me….
I gaged her mouth before she could finish cause she was screaming and it made everyone in the vvip quarter averted their gaze at us.
“I don’t actually mean it that way, I mean you can smile but only when necessary” I said as she nodded.
Venessa took us to the dressing room while I sat opposite a curtain and she took Ariah behind it.
She tried several clothes on while I examined them and picked the ones I like and that fits her perfectly.
I took a photo of her as she wore a white crop top on a high waist jean shorts. She looks perfect with her deep blue eyes, well almost perfect cause her hair is damn too long. We have to visit the saloon.
I bought her some pair of shoes the likes of sneakers, canvass, heels, stilettos, and some slippers.
I went to the technological quarters and bought her a phone and also bought another laptop to replace the one she shattered.
Venessa packed the stuffs to our booth while i paid the bills.
We walked out from the mall straight to my car as my phone buzzed. I brought it out only to see a text from Jasmin.
💬 *I hope what I’m seeing on Instagram ain’t true😢*
I scoffed after reading the message and drove off. Straight to the saloon.
I stopped and switched on my data seeing a photo of when I carried Ariah on Morgan McCall fan page. And the comments on the photo were quite funny. Can’t someone live a private life huh? I alighted from the car and switched off my data without reading any of those crazy comments.
She alighted from the car without my help and I got dazed. She’s adapting and learning real fast.
We walked inside the big saloon and was taken to the VIP ward. The workers greeted us warmly while the customers murmured something amongst themselves.
(Written by Naomi Innocent)
The workers stared at Ariah’s hair in amazement as they murmured something to themselves but I paid no attention to them cause I wanna get out of here real fast.
“Get her hair done, I want it trimmed to shoulders lent and curled” I said to one of the attendants as she smiled and nodded.
“Sir please can I take a photo with you?” She said politely.
“Not now dear, I’m not in the right state of mind to do that” I said with my eyes glued on the crazy comments on the photo of I and Ariah at the mall.
I sat opposite a mirror while I watched her hair being done.
In less than an hour, they were done as I stared and smiled at her.
“You look perfect” I said planting some kisses on her forehead as she smiled.
“Awwn, so sweet” the workers cheered and clapped and we both smiled along with them.
I paid the bills and we left straight to the car.
We alighted at the garage only to meet mom at the living room.
“Good day mom” I greeted as she hissed and stood up, heading straight to her room upstairs. I walked the ajacent way to my room as Ariah followed behind.
“She doesn’t like you huh?” She asked as I dropped the bags we came with on the bed and sat down face palming myself while she sat beside me too.
I sighed and nodded as she placed her hands on my shoulders in a consoling manner.
“Have you tried asking her why?” I shook my head sideways as she dropped her hands.
“I think you should, there must be a reason, people don’t just hate people like that” she said as I smiled.
“But you hate Aries without a reason huh?” I asked as she grinned.
“I don’t hate Aries, merfolks don’t hate people, I just hate the way he carry himself as if he’s better than everyone, and that his stupid mirror too” she breathed out as I laughed lowly.
“I never knew there was something inside your fish brain” I said amidst laughs as she smacked my arms and laughed too.
“Emmmm” I said looking at the clothes and shoes on the bed.
“First of all I’ll teach you how to live like a human, how to use a mobile phone, how to wear clothes and shoes and… Emmm can you read?” I asked as she stared at me innocently.
“Don’t worry, I’ll teach you all you need to know and from now on you won’t be eating with your hands like a beast, you’ll learn how to use the cutleries” I said bringing out the phone I bought at the mall for her as she smiled and thanked me and I returned the smile.
I tried teaching her how to use a phone but it was really difficult teaching a fish. I got up and kept the laptop in my closet.
I went back and continued teaching her, after for what seems like forever, she finally was catching up. I programmed my number in speed dial in her phone.
My stomach grumbled.
“I’m hungry ” I muttered under my breathe.
I took my phone and ordered for pizza. After some hours I heard the door bell ring, I went outside with Ariah following behind. I got to the door seeing the delivery guy with the pizza, I took it from him and paid the bills. He thanked me and kept smiling at Ariah. I glanced back seeing her smiling too, I got jealous. I slammed the door at his face and walked upstairs with the pizza as she followed behind.
“Why the hell were you flirting with him?” I asked annoyed as we got to my room.
“What’s a flirt?” She asked innocently as I smirked.
“A flirt means, when you smile at someone that’s not me, which means you and the person are a couple now” I lied yelling at her as her eyes bulged.
“Does this means I’m a couple with him now?” She asked in shock as I smiled secretly.
“Yes of course!” I yelled as she panicked.
“What am I gonna do now?” She asked crying as I laughed inside of me. I’m seriously enjoying this.
“There’s only one remedy” I said putting my hands in my pocket as she sniffed.
“Which is?” She asked amidst tears.
“Whenever you smile at a guy that’s not me, you should always kiss me on my cheek and apologize” I said touching my cheek as she apologized pecking me.
“Good girl” I said smiling.
“If I smile at Emily or any other girl, does it also means I’m a flirt?” She asked innocently as I shook my head sideways and have a slight chuckle.
“You can smile to girls but not guys ok?” I said as she nodded and I handed a slice of pizza to her which she looked at strangely.
“I’m not gonna eat that” she said as I munched on it.
“Fine, I’m gonna make noodles for you later” I said munching on the pizza.
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