Tales from the sea episode 21

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Grains of shattered imaginations
Maybe I kept it that way cause I was quite in a hurry early today in quest not to miss history lectures. I shrugged, took my pj and wore, after which I strode to the kitchen to make noodles for Ariah. Yes, I make my own meal cause mom doesnt keep food for me, she cooks for only herself and Emily who doesn’t know how to cook. And it would continue like this till dad returns. So I had to learn how to cook and get used to the circumstance.
I stopped at the living room, switching on the TV, i tuned it to Mariana Trending News (MTN) station and headed to the kitchen to prepare the meal.
After I was done, I placed it on a tray and kept it on a counter.
“Morgan!” Someone called out to me. I think that’s Ariah’s voice from the living room.
“Morgan, come and look at the potrate of both of us hugging!” She shouted gleefully again as I rushed to her, seeing it was the TV. I tuned up the volume to hear what the news caster is saying about us.
“Ariah Jonas made public appearance today with Morgan McCall at a French restaurant after showing up at the mall and saloon the previous day. Fans are dying to know why he dumped popular Mariana model and actress, Jasmin Logan. Miss Logan was captured on a video from an anonymous source while she was crying that Mr. McCall dumped her” she said as a video of Jasmin crying was shown.
“But that’s not withstanding, the public is dying to know the source of Miss Jonas smashing beauty and popularity aside from being Mr. McCall’s girlfriend. Fans of Miss Jonas are asking if she did surgery cause her beau….
I switched off the TV before the caster could complete her statement. Its freaking me out already, can’t these paparazzos just mind their businesses? I glanced at Ariah who was staring at me innocently now.
“What happened? We’ve disappeared” she said as I sighed, went back to the kitchen to get the tray of food and walked upstairs straight to my room as she followed behind. We ate while she told me her ordeal with Mr. Scott a.k.a Marcellus. It was quite shocking cause I’ve known him for 3 years now, it never occurred to me that he’s from the sea, as in, a merman. Things are just unbelievable in this world.
Since the press wants to know about Ariah’s popularity, I’ll plead with Jasmin tomorrow to sign her into her modeling agency. At least that aspect would die down, although it wouldn’t be easy to coax Jasmin who is extremely mad at me.
After we were done with dinner, I took the dishes back to the kitchen. I came back to my room, neatly arranging the duvet on the ground for her which she prefers sleeping on cause according to her, the bed is too soft and its sinking her. she lay on the duvet while I lay on my king size bed and widened my legs and heaved a heavy sigh of relieve.
“Please, don’t snore tonight ” I warned her sternly as i lay face up while sleep slowly took over.
“Slow down will you? You’re beginning to behave like Ariadne” Pearl screamed at Marabella who giggled and stopped.
“You’re just too slow and lazy” Marabella told her as she scoffed.
“I’ve been wondering, do you think its a nice idea to leave the room? What if Aries or anyone else entered inside the room and noticed Ariadne is not truly there?” Pearl asked Marabella who exhaled.
“Don’t think like that, no one would go inside, let’s just be positive and besides toady is the day we always visit grandpa and listen TALES FROM THE SEA” Marabella told Pearl as she folded her arms.
“What if he asked after Ariadne, what are we gonna tell him?” Pearl asked as she rolled her eyes.
“Simple, we’ll tell him what we’ve been telling everyone, she’s sick and can’t leave the room” she said as Pearl exhaled.
“And what if he decided to go see her himself or decided to send message to mom that her heir is sick? ” Pearl persisted as she groaned.
“Can you stop being pessimistic for once and try being optimistic? You know grandpa is very old and would not leave his chamber cause he’s weak and feeble. And even if we try to ditch today, he would be worried and might send the guards to summon us. And you think mom is gonna leave an unfished battle just to come nurse sick Ariadne? What if our clan got captured, we’ll be at the mercy of our enemies and that means endangering the whole lives in this Empire ” Marabella explained as Pearl nodded and heaved a sigh of relief.
“I’m gonna trust your instincts and judgments” Pearl said finally as they both swam away to their grandpa’s chamber.
“I’ve been waiting for you girls” grandpa said seeing his grandchildren as they rushed gleefully and hugged him.
He ordered the maids and guards to leave that he wanna have a private time with his grandchildren which they obliged to.
“I was hoping Ariadne would tag along with you girls, is the illness that serious?” Grandpa said to the girls astonishment as they exchanged surprised glances.
“Huh? How did you know she’s sick?” Marabella demanded as grandpa chuckled weakly.
“Its all over the castle, the merfolks are talking about it, and they are still wondering why you both don’t wanna take her to Miss Medicine or want anyone to see her” Grandpa said to their astonishment.
“Em, grandpa, we are here for the story” Marabella said changing the topic on purpose cause where their conversation was heading to, she doesnt like it cause they might get exposed.
“Of course, of course. Em em em” Grandpa said feebly and cleared his throat while he clinched his fist raising it beneath his mouth.
“Tales from the sea” he started as the girls listened attentively.
“Once upon a time, there lived a very beautiful mermaid that loves going to the shores because she loved the human world and its environs, then one day she met a human and fell inlove with him. Though the human loved her in return. The stubborn mermaid started having an affair with the human, she conceived and gave birth to a son. But unfortunately, the boy has legs instead of a tail. Em em em, I’m going to end the story here for now” Grandpa said faking a cough.
“But grandpa, why are you always stopping this story at this particular place? When are you gonna complete it? Right from when we are little, this is the particular spot you always end it, why? Although I know its fictional but I just wanna hear the full story” Pearl said almost curtly as Marabella glared at her cause she sounded a little bit rude to their grandpa.
“No, the story isn’t functional, its a real life story that happened here in Pacific Northern Empire and I’m only going to complete it when Ariadne gets better to hear it too and when your mom wants me to tell you girls” he said as they felt disappointed.
“But why did you give these conditions?” Marabella asked.
“When you grow up, you’ll know” grandpa said as they bowed their head, thanked him and left.
As they swam out of the chamber, grandpa heaved a sigh of relief .
‘When your mom is ready for you guys to know the story, I’m gonna tell you the mermaid I’m taking about’ grandpa said to himself as the maids and guards took their positions back.
“I really want to hear the full story, I never knew the story was real” Marabella told Pearl as they swam.
“Me too” Pearl seconded.
“Well what if we call Ariadne and ask when she’s coming back before the whole clan finds out about her” Marabella suggested as pearl nodded in agreement. They both swam to the secret royal chamber where the mirror lies to summon her.
Someone noticed the princesses were no longer at the door post of their room.
“Finally, they are not around, I’ll know why they don’t want anyone to enter the room” the unknown person said to herself as she entered the room.
She got there seeing the room empty.
“I’ve always been suspicious of these coning princesses, so princess Ariadne has not been in the room all these while and they claimed she’s sick?” She said out loud and smirked.
“I must find out what they are up to” she said finally and sawm away as she saw the two princesses discussing about when Ariadne would return from the shores. She followed them without their knowledge as they swam to the secret chamber to summon Ariadne from the mirror. She quickly turned back before they would notice her.
“I must inform Aries about this ” she said as she swam towards his chamber.
I heard some noises from Morgan’s room as I sluggishly opened my eyes and yawned. I switched on my bed lamp light and traced my phone to under the pillow. I switched it on seeing that the time is 5:10AM. (Written by Naomi Innocent) ‘Tch, who wakes up at such ungodly hour?’ I said to myself as I covered the duvet above my head and slept back. I heard Morgan’s voice shouting my name. Emily! You’re late for school and I’m quite late too, I have lectures 8:30 this mroning!”
I groaned and opened my eyes as the rays of sunlight hit my face from my window.
I took my phone and checked the time and saw 8:20Am, damn! I slept in. I rushed to the living room, seeing Morgan and Ariah fully dressed for school.
“You both should go without me else you’ll be late for school too” I suggested as they agreed and left after saying their byes.
“Why didn’t mom wake me up huh?” I muttered to myself as I ran to the bathroom to brush my teeth and take my bath. I wore the first thing I laid my eyes on in my closet. A pink jumpsuit and a white top. I wore my white sneakers and tied my hair in a ponytail. No need for makeup cause I’m damn late. I just applied a little lip gloss. It ain’t bad to look presentable right?
I rushed to the kitchen and took two apples from the basket after observing Morgan has cleaned it, and also done the dishes, oh, what a life safer.
“Mom, I’m off to school! ” I screamed racing to the living room as I checked the time, its 9am at the dot.
“Bye honey!” She screamed with a sleepy voice from her room then it occurred to me she slept in too that’s why she didn’t wake me up.
I raced outside our gate and hailed the first cab I saw. It sped off and stopped at the front of my school gate as I paid the fare, without taking the change, I alighed and raced inside the school premises. I walked hurriedly down the hallway straight to my class. seeing our Chemistry teacher in class already, my heart skipped a beat.
‘Oh oh, I’m so screwed’ I muttered under my breath.
“You’re late, Miss McCall” she told me sternly as I bowed my head while my classmates stared at me.
“I’m sorry Mrs. Fynn” I said raising my head and glanced to the board seeing ‘HydroCarbon’ written as the topic.
“Stay outside till the class is over, you’re a science student, you’re expected to take your classes seriously, now off you go” she said coldly as I bowed my head and left the class. I heard some of my classmates giggling as i raised my head and gave a glare, though no one in particular cause I can’t count out those that are giggling.
I headed straight to the cafeteria and sat on one of the seats, there’s not even a single soul there, of course, they’re all in class. I should have known I’m having chemistry this morning, Mrs. Fynn is just too strict.
I guess I should just listen to music cause I’m getting bored already. I brought out my phone from my pocket and searched for my earpiece inside my bad as something glowing inside caught my attention. I dipped my hand inside bringing it out and then I realized its the diamonds on the mirror that is glowing. But yesterday it wasn’t glowing and why is it glowing now?
“Whoa check out that mirror, its so magical” Samantha said walking towards me as she sat beside me.
“What are you doing here?” I inquired.
“Oh, I made Mrs. Fynn chase me out of her class” she said as we both laughed.
“You’re so crazy” I said amidst laughs.
“Where did you get this mirror? It looks so magical” Samantha said as we both marveled at it.
I opened my mouth to say something but her phone rang.
“Oh excuse me, I need to take the call” she said heading to the bathroom as the mirror illuminated and two girls looking alike appeared. Seems they are twins. But something is wrong somewhere, they have tails instead of legs. What am I seeing?
“Ariadne!” They said simultaneously but on seeing me, they flinched.
“Oh oh” one of them said as they both disappeared and the diamonds stopped glowing.
Wait, what just happened? Where did they go? Why did the diamonds just stop glowing and who the hell is Ariadne. Oh jeez! Am I hallucinating or something?
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