June 29, 2022

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The Hearts Episode 13

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(He’s her idol💋)

Episode 13💎

By:Tofunmi Nikky😍

💗Amy’s pov💗

“Then what are you still waiting for??have you practice?”she asked

” Nope,,but I will when I get home “I said

She started pushing me out,,what the heck!

” You should go,Am going to see you at school tomorrow “she said

” But why? ”

” You have to prepare, and I also don’t want you to lose “she winked and I rolled my eyes

” Okay, see you tomorrow “I said and opened the door,then walked to where my scooter is,,

” You’re best friend ever “I heard her yell and I shook my head.

________NEXT DAY_____________💃

I sat in the class looking as everyone was roaming about,,and suddenly;

Everyone ran to their seat,,what’s going on???

A teacher walked to the front of the class with a smile,,

I think she’s here to say something but where the hell is Sandra,,,

” good morning everyone,like you all know,,,today is a special day and because of that we have a new person here ”

She said and everywhere went silent,,everyone waiting for the person to come in

Soon a guy walked in,he isn’t In a uniform,, he has blond hair and damn;he’s cute

But not as cute as Carl,, he went to stand beside the teacher,,,

🚻Wow,,he’s so handsome🚻

🚻Is he going to be with the Rockgirls?? 🚻

“Hi everyone,, I’m Jay Wilson”he said with a wink

” Nice meeting you “Everyone chorused and of course except me,,,,

” I hope you get along “they teacher said before walking out

Geez,,they all rushed to him immediately…

I went out feeling so nervous, am gonna sing today,,I really have to tell dad

” Hi ma’am, I’m asked to bring you ” A woman walked to meet me

🌻Sandra’s pov🌻

I ran out of the car hurriedly,, still struggling to close my backpack when I bumped into someone

” Damn! ” I muttered as I bent to pick it,,A guy squatted before me

” I’m sorry “he said in his cool voice,I joined and pack my books

We both stood up at once and my gaze fell on his face,,

His brown eyes attracted me,so cute

” hmm thanks “I said and collected my books from him,,, I need to see Amy urgently

I started walking away,,someone ran to my front making me stop,,him again!,

“Hi I’m jay “he smiled and I exhale

🚻Who is she

🚻he’s talking with her


“Sandra”I said before walking away,I can’t believe this?

The students are crazy about him,,who is he anyway???

Let’s work on the shares
Tofunmi Nikky💋
Love y’all

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