May 14, 2022

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The Hearts Episode 16

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(He’s her idol💋)

Episode 16

By Tofunmi Nikky🌸

💚Amy’s pov💚

The door opened and Carl walked in,from the look in his face;something is wrong

🎻Stay with me!!!

I ended the song and there was a loud cheers from people as I walked away,

” Wow you’re great “Max said,coming closer

” Thanks sir “I replied and smile, just then Roy walked up to me with Carl behind me

” I just love what you did there, so fabulous “Roy said and hugged me

I unlocked from the hug and looked at Carl

“Sir,,”I called but he just looked away,I looked at the stage to see a guy singing,, I think he’s the last one

“Carl,won’t you say anything “Max faced him, but to my surprise he walked out

” I think he’s angry “Roy said and shrug

“Oh”I bite my bottom lip

“We are going to see you later”Max said and I just nod,and they walked away

I pray I win,I can’t wait to join the Rockboys,,,it will be fun

🍀Jay’s pov🍀


I sink into the couch,am damn tired,it just for me to wait till the winner is announced

My phone rang and I picked,,

📞Hello dad

📞Son,how are you over there?

📞Am good dad,what about mom?

📞She’s here troubling me,he said and I laughed

📞When are you coming home?

📞Don’t tell me you’re missing me already, I’ll come soon

📞Better,,I can’t wait to have you here

📞Okay dad,goodnight. I said and hand up

I stood up and walked to the table,,I poured myself a drink

My mind drifted back to the girl I met today,there’s something about her,,,I looked at my drink and gulped it down at a go.

👠Patsy’s pov👠

A hand went over to my head and,,,blackout
I sprang on my feet as I looked at the unfamiliar room,what the f**k am I doing here??

” oops you’re awake “he said standing at my front

That was when i knew I was only putting on a shirt,, his damn shirt I guess

He walked closer to me and I ran to the door,it was locked with a key;that was still at the door

“You won’t like it when I force you “he said with a smirk,, his hand trailed down to my chest

“Bastard “I kicked him and he was swept to the floor,, I quickly opened the door

And just when I was about to run out,a knife pierced my back…

Hmm she’s in a mess!!😱


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