May 14, 2022

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The Hearts Episode 17

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(He’s her idol💋)

Episode 17

By: Tofunmi Nikky💜

💎Patsy’s pov💎

I was about to run out when a knife pierced my back

“Arrgh”I yelped and looked back to the him laying on the floor with a smirk

I ran out feeling great pain, I ran so slow towards the road,, am putting on just a shirt but I don’t care

Soon,I got to the road and stopped, I’m feeling like I could die any moment from now

There was no car or a person at sight,,

I crushed to the floor,I couldn’t take it anymore,I fall flatly on the road and…

_______NEXT DAY🌸

🌸Carl’s pov🌸

“Am sure you’ll be buying his whole mall “I said,,they went on picking as many stuffs as possible

” Calm down Carl, why don’t you just join us “Max said and they both laughed

” Omg”we heard a familiar voice and turned to see Jenna,, what the heck is she doing here

” I can’t believe you guys are here”she said and hugged me,,,I unlocked from the hug immediately

“Yep,we came here for something “Roy said and I smirked

Like she cares,,,,

🚻We want Amy🎤

🎤I love Jay,,he’s great🚻

The screaming from the TV caught our attention,,

📷The person who would be joining the Rockbands are;Amy Morgan and Jay Wilson📷

” Wow “Jenna suddenly jumped on me,,



🍭Amy’s pov🍭

Mrs Morgan and I ran into the hospital, tears streaming down her face

She was called that Patsy is at the hospital

“What’s wrong with my daughter “She said to the nurse me on the way

“Calm down ma’am, you’ll see her” The nurse said
“I can’t forgive myself if anything happens to you” Mrs Morgan said cupping her cheek,,she laid on the sickbed

I just stood by the doorside,,thank God she’s fine

” Please excuse us mom,, I wanna have a word with Amy “Patsy said and looked at me

” Ok,,Stay fine for me “Her mom said,,Patsy nodded and she walked out

” Come here Amy “she said slowly and I went to meet her

“I’m sorry “She said

“I’m sorry,,I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you,,I’m sorry I do make jest of you,,for all the wrong have done to you,,AMY”She broke into tears

“Come on Patsy you’re still my sister”I said and she smiled

“What are you doing”I asked when she took her phone

“I wanna delete his damn no”She said and she suddenly gasped

“Look at this Amy”She said and I took the phone from her

💓I want Amy🔥


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