May 14, 2022

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The Hearts Episode 18

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(He’s her idol💋)

Episode 18

By: Tofunmi Nikky🌹

🔥Amy’s pov🔥

📷The person who is going to join the Rockbands are;Amy Morgan and Jay Wilson📷

“Don’t tell me that’s you”she said and I couldn’t express how I’m feeling

Oh heavens

” Yeah”I said and jumped I’m excitement

” Ouch “she groan when she tried to stand up,,I quickly help her to sit upright

” I can’t believe my sister is now a celebrity “she winked and I laughed

“Seriously!!”i said and hit her shoulder

” Geez!! “She yelped and we burst into laughter
📞Ok dad

“I wanna talk to him”Patsy half yelled on the bed

We brought her home already, though she’s still feeling slight pains

I shook my head and went to give her the phone,, who knows what she wanna say,,

📞Hello dad

📞Don’t mind her dad,I’m feeling better already

📞Don’t you trust me?I can carry a mountain right now


📞hmm dad,I need you to let me start going to school with Amy, please

Seriously,, this girl

📞Please dad,,I know you can do it

📞Wow,thanks dad,,Bye

She hanged up and winked at me

“How do you find that?”she winked and dropped the phone beside her

” Crazy!!! “I said and she rolled her eyes


“Come on Amy,I was there “Sandra said running after me,I walked into the class and took my seat

” Amy “She called as she took her seat,,,just then the teacher walked in

” Good morning everyone “the teacher said,,and walked to the front of the class

” Good morning “we all chorused,,and someone threw a paper at me

💌I was there when you were singing,, I should have joined you in the stage so you can see me. So,stop behaving like a Rockstar💌

I smiled and wrote mine on the paper;

💌Bald headed💌

I threw it at her and she smiled,,,

🚻Wow,,,The Rockboys🚻

🚻Damn,my favourite🚻

🚻Come and seat with me,,handsome🚻

I looked at the back to see the Rockboys walking in,,they look so cute

Carl was at the middle,,they are all wearing white shirt

I faced my front and someone sat beside me,,I looked to see it’s Carl,,, I gulped

🚻She’s the new Rockgirl🚻

🚻They look cute together🚻

🚻i love him🚻

I looked at Carl,, who wasn’t even looking at me,,they just went on bluffing

Love you all😍

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