June 30, 2022

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The Hearts Episode 19

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(He’s her idol💋)

Episode 19

By: Tofunmi Nikky💜

🍭Amy’s pov🍭

“Sir the result is out and I…”

” I know,you really tried “he said,,gosh I’m blushing

” thanks sir “I said and hr fixated his gaze on his phone

After some minutes,the teacher dropped her maker and faced the class

” There will be a practical and I will call everyone’s partner on Thursday,, have a nice day “she said and walked out

I looker beside me but couldn’t find Carl,, I stood up immediately

“Hey Rockstar”Sandra called and I shook my head

That’s when I saw Carl and Rockboys walking away,,I have to see him

“I’m coming “i said with a wink and she nodded,,i ran after them

” Sir!!! “I shouted and they stopped,,i quickly walked up to them from behind

” Good morning,Sirs”i said panting heavily,,i raised my head to look at them

Their gaze fixated on me,,,

” Why are you running?”Roy asked,i looked at Carl who just looked away

” To meet you “i said

” i hope you know it has been announced “Rockboy Max said

” Yes ”

” I thought you weren’t in class,you’re now a Rockgirl “Max said

We all started walking away,,with me beside Roy

” As a Rockgirl there are times you should skip classes “he added,,,my eyes widened

So we call skip classes?wow!!

“But we do have private classes”Roy said and I nodded,I thought as much

We got to where a car is parked and stopped

“Come in”Roy said,Max and Roy entered the front seat

” You mean I’ll be seating with her?? “Carl said,looking shocked

“Come on Carl,she isn’t going to swallow you “Max said from inside and i laughed

He rolled his eyes and we finally got inside,,and we zoomed off


After a long silence,the car pulled to a halt and we all stepped out

They walked off and i just stood like a statue

” Come on,Amy “Max said looking back,,i hurried behind them

” Wow “i mumbled inwardly as we sat on a round table with,Carl beside me

We were the only on at the restaurant,, I think they ordered them to do so,,,,

” Good Afternoon “A lady walked up to us and dropped glasses of drinks on the table

She walked away after that,,,

” This place is nice “I said with a smile

” Sure,,it’s a cool place “Rockboy Max said

I took my glasses of drink

“You will be living with us from now on “Roy said and swears,, I choked on my drink

Love you all💝

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