May 16, 2022

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The Hearts Episode 2

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(He’s her idol)

Episode 2🍭😂

By:Tofunmi Nikky

💋Amy’s pov:
Dad drove me into the school compound, we stepped out and he walked into the principal’s office with me

I can’t believe am finally gonna be back to school again_yeah!

I was sent away from the former school because of my strange powers

I destroy anything, just anything!

Dad knocked and we were ushered in after a response, we walked in to see a chubby man on seat

“Good morning Mr Morgan”the chubby man greeted immediately we walked in

*so he knows dad*

“Morning”Dad said and I also bowed a little

“You can have you seat”the man smiled, Dad sat and glance at me;I immediately took my seat beside me
Dad pulled me into a hug as soon as we stepped out

He cupped my cheek and I couldn’t stop the tears that threatened to fall

“Amy this is your new school, try all you can;don’t destroy anything here”he said and I nodded

“Don’t make use of your powers”he added,I nodded and hugged him again

He unlocked from the hug and brought out something from his pocket

A locket!

He locked it around my neck and I smiled

“Bye Amy”he said and handed the leaflet to me

“Bye Daddy”I replied,a tears dropped as I watched him walked away

With the leaflet,I was able to locate my classroom

💧 Sandra’s pov:
I laid my head on the locked and sulked,no!why am I so unlucky

“Hey”someone tapped me and I raised my head

The new face smiled at me,but I just looked away

“Hi!Am Amy Morgan”she said and sat down beside me,I rolled my eyes still not facing her

“Sandra”I said

“What’s wrong? Why are you dull or someone broke your heart?”she said

I finally faced her and burst into laughter

“Am just too unlucky”I said and sniffed, an idea suddenly ran into me

“But you can help”I saw her eyes beamed when I said that,she faced me immediately

💕Amy’s pov:
“What are doing here Sandra?”I asked looking at the building

“This is the place where three most hottest guys stays sometimes”she said and took me away

We walked through a long passage and after a long walk,we stopped

“What are you doing Sandra?”I said. My mouth wide opened as she climbed a wooden box


“Omg”she stepped down with a huge smile

“Let’s go”I said taking her hands but she stopped me

“Take a look”

She winked,and just like she did;I climbed the box and peeped


I looked at the guy,he has a blonde hair and cute face

I was about to stepped down when I saw him staring!

Wait! at me


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