May 14, 2022

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The Hearts Episode 20

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(He’s her idol💋)

Episode 20

By: Tofunmi Nikky📌

🍀Amy’s pov🍀

“What’s it,Amy? “max asked and I shook my head

“Um nothing,Why?”was all I could say

” That’s the rules,as soon as you join the band,, you will have to live with us”Rockboy Roy said

” but I will have to convince my parents,, I don’t think it will be possible “I said,feeling so nervous

“Carl will come to your house tomorrow, he’s gonna ask for permission, isn’t it Carl?”Max asked,,

,,as we all faced him

” Yeah “he said simply and I smiled

” Thanks ”
Jenna’s pov:

” Ever since that girl arrived, have been feeling uncomfortable “I said and gulped down my drink

” She’s a pain in the a** this time around, Jenna “Rose said and I smirked

” She’s the one getting all attention and now,,she’s now a Rockgirl “Sara said and that part makes me boil with anger

” Who is she?Who the heck did she think she is??? “I half yelled

” A bitch “Rose said and they both laughed

” it’s high time I show you Amy Morgan,that no one messes with me “I said and stood up

I have to make her see the bad side of me!!!

Amy’s pov:


” When is he coming “Patsy said and sat beside me,, after pacing around for a while

” Calm down Patsy “Mrs Morgan said

” I’m really going to miss you all “I said frowning a little

” Same here,dead “Mrs Morgan said and settled down on a couch

” Anyways, I’m coming to your school tomorrow “Patsy said and I scoffed

” There is dogs in our school “I said to scarce her off, but she wasn’t moved a little

” Even the dogs will be scared when they see me ” She uttered and tuck out her tongue at me

A car screened to a halt in the compound and we all stood up

I think he’s here,,

” He’s the one,, OMG!!! “Patsy screamed and ran outside

Mrs Morgan and I walked out to meet him,, we stepped out to see him just coming out of the car

” Good afternoon ma’am “He said and Mrs Morgan walked up to him

He was putting on white clothes and he looks so cute

” Oh heavens “Patsy said and walked up to him,,

“I’m Patsy, Amy’s sister “Patsy said and stretched her hand for a shake

“Carl “he said and took her hand,,

“Come inside “Mrs Morgan said and we all followed behind her

“Sir”I called making him stop,, Patsy walked in already

“You really came “I said with a smile

” Yeah,, let’s hope she accept “he said,, and I can’t believe he’s talking with me

” Sure,,you’re a Rockboy”

” What ”

Sweet dreams lovers😍
I love you💋

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