June 30, 2022

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The Hearts Episode 21

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(He’s her idol💋)

Episode 21

By: Tofunmi Nikky💯

⛔Sandra’s pov⛔

I walked out of the class since it’s closing hour,Amy didn’t even show up at school today,, and I wonder whg

Wait!! Isn’t that Jay Wilson,the popular artist,,,,though he’s backing me but I still know him

I tapped him and he looked at me,,

” Hi “I said, smiling

” Oh you “he said, looking surprised

” hmm Sandra right? ”

” Yeah,,Sandra “Wow he still remembered my name

” You’re now a Rockboy,I watched when you were performing”

” Really?did I perform well?? “He asked with a serious look

I was about to give an answer when;

🚻Rockgirl Jenna🚻

🚻That’s Jay, my favourite🚻

Jenna and two other girls came to us.

” Hi Jay “Jenna said and they hugged, they two Rockgirls stood beside her

” Hi “Jay replied immediately they unlocked from the hug

” Wait!! What’s she doing here?? “Jenna looked at me before facing Jay

I smirked inwardly,,,

” Oh sorry, she’s my friend “Jay said and looked at me,I nodded slightly

” So this the type of people you make friends with now “Jenna smirked

” Hey! Mind your words “I said pointing a finger at her

” Stop it Sandra “Jay said

” What if I don’t? “Jenna replied me as she moved closer

” Then I’m going to cut that tongue of yours “I replied her

” Can you see that ?”She said to Jay, I walked away.

” Wait Sandra!! “I heard Jay’s voice and stopped,, after some minutes he came to me

” You shouldn’t have reply her “he said as we started walking

” She’s the one getting on my nerves,Okay,, sorry “I finally said

” So you were saying something about my performance “he said

I smirked as I already know where he’s heading to

” Oh that, I won’t tell you “I said and ran off

” Please!! “He said running after me

💞Amy’s pov💞

I sighed when they finally walked out,Mrs Morgan took him in for some private talk.

What could it be???

” Bye “Patsy waved as she stood up beside me

” Yeah “Carl said and walked out

” Won’t you follow him? “Patsy tapped my shoulder and stared at me

* Oops sorry ma’am”I scoffed and hurried out, he was opening the car door when I got there

” So what did she say?”I asked and he turned to look at me

“She accepted,so a driver will pick you up tomorrow “he said and I just nodded

” Thank “I said with a bow

“Yeah “he said and got into his car,, he zoomed off


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