May 14, 2022

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The Hearts Episode 22

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(He’s her idol💋)

Episode 22

By: Tofunmi Nikky💞

💌Amy’s pov💌

Patsy dragged me into the club, geez!! Why can’t she understand it’s late already!

The screaming and also the loud music,,I can’t bear it

“I’m not going anywhere “I said and withdraw my hand from hers

” It’s just to celebrate,,you’re leaving us,,you’re leaving so;let’s enjoy a little

” But not for long,, we need to return home “I said,looking around

” Yeah,thanks love “she winked and I smirked

“Let me get us a drink “she said,I nodded and she left

I sat on the chair and stood up again,, I’m just feeling uncomfortable right now

I looked at the lady in short mini skirt, why did I come here!?

I moved only for me to bump into someone; A guy,he walked past me.

” Sorry “I said and turned to see him stop,, he was putting on a face cap

My eyes was attracted to the tattoo on his neck,, before I could figure out what is written there,,,,he walked away.

I sighed,,why am I concerned?,I apologized right?

I better go back to my seat before anything else happens,,,

💂Unknown pov💂

I hit my fist on the wall angrily, I bumped into her but she couldn’t recognise me,,

” I’m going to kill any f**king person who comes closer to her “I said inwardly

” Cause she’s mine “I rough my hair as i looked at the mirror at my front

I put on my face cap and walked out.

🌟Amy’s pov🌟

” Hey “Patsy called immediately she got to where I am

” Where is it?? ” i asked curiously,cause she isn’t holding any cup

” Mom called that Dad is back, and he mustn’t know we cams here “she said and I sprang on my feet

” Damn it “I said and ran my hand through my hair

” We need to go home right now “she said and we both ran out

“No,,I will drive “she said and got unto the scooted,I climbed and damn,,

It was a crazy drive.

🍢Jay’s pov🍢

“Wow thanks “she said as she stepped down from the cad

“Yeah”I said from inside

” I will see you tomorrow “she said and I nodded before I zoomed off

Gosh I had fun today,, I mean we,we went to some places to catch fun

She’s a really good girl and bold as well,,

I got home and went into my room,, I need to sleep.

I’m so tired,, I flopped on the bed and slept off

Love you all💋💋

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