May 14, 2022

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The Hearts Episode 24

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(He’s her idol💋)

Episode 24

By: Tofunmi Nikky

🌟Carl’s pov🌟

” Amy Morgan ”

“I think that’s all,so the practical…”
I walked to where my car is parked and stepped in,,what’s happening

There is this thing I feel whenever she’s around me,,the closer she keeps coming,,the more I couldn’t resist her.

But where is Roy and Max?

” Carl”someone called and I looked up to see it’s Roy,he’s waking with Max,Patsy and Amwith So this where you are? “Roy said when they got to me

” Hey!what are you doing here?”I asked

“I came here cause I love this school,,also with the fact that the Rockboys are here”Patsy pouted

” Really?where are the Rockboys?”I asked from inside

“Here,,this two cuties “she said pointing to Max and Roy

“But what about him”Amy said,her arms crossed over her chest

“Yes,,what about me? “I asked and smirked

“I don’t know both of you,cause you don’t welcome me here”Patsy said

” do you know her? “Max asked with wink

“Yeah,,see you guys later”I said and turned on the ignition

“Bye”they all said and I drove away

🎻 Amy’s pov:

“I’ll tell the driver to pick you up”Rockboy Roy said and I nodded

“Thanks”I smiled and they left,, while it remained Patsy and I.

“So who is your friend here?”she asked as we started walking

“I have a friend and her…”I was about saying when I sighted her coming

“That’s her”I pointed and Patsy patted my shoulder

“Wait!,,isn’t that Jay?? “She looked at me and I nodded

“Yes,he’s the one”I said and she ran off immediately

I looked as she jumped on him unexpectedly, I quickly went to them

“Seriously Pat,go home now!! “I said pulling her back

“Hey Amy! “Sandra called but I ignored her

“See,,your driver is here already”I said, we turned as the car stopped at our front

“At least let me greet him”she said, I shook my head,I opened the car door and pushed her in

“Bye! “I said with a sly smile, she frowned abd the driver zoomed off

“Ahh don’t mind her”i sigh and faced them

“She’s just jovial”jay said

“Hmm jay meet Amy; my friend,Amy meet jay”

“I’m not your friend”I hissed

“Awwn”she said and hugged me

I got to the mansion and was amazed at what I met;

“They asked me to show it to you”The security said again

“Where are they now”I asked and looked at the brand new car before me

“They must be asleep”he said and I ran in,,wow a new car!

Brought to you by Tofunmi Nikky😍
I love you all💋

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