May 14, 2022

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The Hearts Episode 25 Finale

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(He’s her idol💋)

Episode 25

By:Tofunmi Nikky🍭

🎀Sandra’s pov🎀

My phone beeped,I looked to see a message popped in

💌Hey!where are you,I’m returning home today💌

I sprang up;

💌Your home address💌i sent and his answer came immediately

He sent the address and I ran out without my phone but a voice stopped me

“Where to?”I turned to see mom,,her hands at akimbo

“Good morning mom,I need to get something”I said

“Um why do I feel you’re lying”she asked

“Trust me mom,I’m not”I said,hoping she let me go

“Okay”she said and I ran away,still feeling her gaze on me

I can’t take my car,I got out and board a taxi

In few minutes,I stepped down after paying him, I knocked on the big gate and a guy opened

“I’m here to see Jay”I said and he smiled, why?

“You’re Sandra,right?”he asked and I just nodded

“Come,He’s at the garden”he said and make way for me

I walked in and soon, I located the garden though it’s a huge mansion

What!here he is playing with ball,his back turned at me

Is this a trick or what?

“Hey”I called

“You’re here”he said and I smirk

“I can see you’re dressed already”I scoffed and I almost grip him but he ran away

I ran after him and gripped him making us fall on the grass;

He was on top of me as I pant heavily

“Sandra”he called

“Get off me”I said and looked away

“I like you”

💛Amy’s pov:

“Where did you sleep yesterday?”Max asked and they stopped at the door

“On the couch sir,but it’s comfortable”I said

“But you should have stayed in a room”he said again and Rockboy Max took the stairs

He came back with a Lady,,

“She will show you your room”he said,pointing to her

“Ok sir”

“Stop using the word”Sir”,it’s embarrassing”max said and tucked his hand into his pocket

“OK”I said and they walked out

She took me to my room, it’s really good,the colour and everything

“Who stays here?”I asked pointing to the room opposite mine

“Carl”she said, I nodded and she left,I haven’t even seen him since yesterday

I rested my back on the wall as I listened to him sing,I was enjoying it when I suddenly heard shattering of glasses

What!I quickly rushed into his room to used him in his knees bleeding,I rushed to him

“Why are you hurting yourself”I said took the glass from him

“Arrrgh”he yelped

“Go”he said slowly but I held him tighter

“No, I won’t”I said and a tear dropped down my cheek,He’s bleeding and he f**king wants me to go,No!

“Amy”he called

“I want you to be mine”


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