May 16, 2022

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The Hearts Episode 5

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(He’s her idol)

Episode 5🍌

By:Tofunmi Nikky🍢

🌸Amy’s pov🌸
“Stand there and sing”he uttered, my palm covered my mouth

He stood up and walked to the window, his back resting on the wall as he looked at me

Was that what he told Sandra?

Hell no

There is no way am singing,

“I could have told you to sweep the whole compound”he snarled and I was startled

Someone rushed into the class with heavy pants, I turned to see Sandra

She slumped to the floor,I ran and squatted before her as I lean closer

“Am f**king tired Amy”she whispers slowly, I helped her on her feet

“Are you done?”he asked jolting me back

I stood at the front of the class with the guitar in my hand, Carl’s back was on me as he stared out of the window

My eyes ran to Sandra, her head on the locker; sleeping_so weird

I strummed on the guitar and I felt a certain connection,, yeah!

Carl smiled,yes he did as he turned to face me

I strummed the guitar again and I suddenly felt a bang on my head,I crumbled on the floor

“Argh”I yelped,Carl ran to me and threw the guitar away

Sandra came to me and my body heats up,a step approached at the doorstep and,,,

,,ran away after seeing me,that’s all i know

I shut my eyes and…blackout

🌀Jenna’s pov🌀

“I wanna cut her into pieces”I said,pissed off

“She’s Amy Morgan”Sara said and I smirked

“Jenna”Rose bumped into the classroom, she walked to meet me and sat next to me on the chair

“What’s new?”I asked as I stoke my hair,who knows what she wanna say this time around

“Carl asked her to sing and guess what?she just crumbled on her feet and…”she was saying when I started walking out of the class


💖Tofunmi Nikky’s pov:

Somewhere in a kingdom💫

The council of elders could be seen in the council chamber, it’s obvious they were all tensed

“I think it time we make her know what she’s born for”a figure said,, as she ran her eyes around

“Yes,it’s time,,,a time to realise her dream,to let her know who she really is”the most elderly woman among them said

“Then let’s swing into action,, it has always been our dream”

Love y’all💖

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