May 16, 2022

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The Hearts Episode 6

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(He’s her idol)

Episode 6💓

By:Tofunmi Nikky📚

🎻Amy’s pov🎻

I opened my eyes as I twitched on the bed, I made to sit up when I discovered a drip was connected to my body.

“You’re awake, feeling better now?”Sandra asked, she sat beside me and I just nodded,and rested my head on her chest

Don’t tell me I’m at the hospital

“What happened Sandra? How did I end up here,please. Tell me”I said, a little quiver in my voice

“You went unconscious,Amy”she said and I raised my head to face her

“Carl brought you to the infirmary, I know he might me feeling bad now”she said;a tears dropped down to my cheek

The door opened and the nurse walked in,she smiled as she walked over to my side

“You’re awake already?you’re fine now”the nurse said and removed the drip

“You can go home now”she said and immediately I heard that, I stood up from the bed and ran out

Sandra kept calling my name as she ran after me,but not for long

She gripped my hand tightly and draw me closer to herself

“What’s wrong with you Amy? No one is at school, we have to go home,okay?”she cupped my cheek and I nodded,,I hugged her tightly


“I’m going to see you tomorrow”she said and started walking away

“Sandra”I called and she stopped, she turn to face me and I walked to meet her

“Um..the day when Carl asked you to come with him.. Hmm what did he asked you to do?”I asked and her face brighten up

“Oops I didn’t tell you,but thank goodness I was only asked to cook”she continued

“I can’t believe he’s gonna eat what I prepared, I mean;with my hands, oh heavens”she touched her chest as she beamed with smile

“Don’t tell you have a crush on him”I snapped at her,she rolled her eyes and ran away but I chased after her

“Bye”she said,I stood by her side as she opened her door

She hesitated and turned to look at me

“Get on your scooter and go home, I don’t trust you with this,you might go back there”

She said with a stern look and I shook my head

I went to where I parked it and gosh,she’s still staring at me,I climbed it and faced her

“Bye”I tuck out my tongue at her,she stepped into the car and drove away

I sigh and got down from the scooter

I ran all the way to the classroom, I got to the doorstep and stopped,with light pants

I went in and sighted the guitar at a corner

I went and squatted before it picked it,as I made to strum it

This Amy ehh😏

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