May 16, 2022

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The Hearts Episode 9

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(He’s her idol💋)

Episode 9🍀

By :Tofunmi Nikky💯

🌸Amy’s pov🌸

“And why should I?”

I gulped and he turned to face me

“I thought that’s my punishment for peeping on you”I burst out

He rough his hair and I grinned from inside-he’s so cute

“Okay,what’s your home address?”he asked and I smiled

“I don’t know it”I said and his eyes widened

“Mind if I get your contact, I will send it to you when I get home”I said

“Seriously? Okay”he finally said,I passed him my phone and we exchanged contact

Next Morning🌼

I sat on the couch watching TV with Patsy, today is Saturday and I guess we have to spend the day at home

📲Hi darling,Patsy said on the phone before walking away,,who is she speaking with anyway?

I fixed my gaze on the TV, my phone rang and I quickly picked the call,Carl?

📲Hello sir,I said and raised my brow

📲Hey,my driver is coming to pick you up,send your address

📲Okay sir,I will. I said and he hanged up

I ran upstairs and flopped on the bed,Am I dreaming??

Am suddenly getting closer to him,oops I need to dress up
I looked at myself in the mirror, I was dressed in a pink tank top with Jean trousers

I packed my hair into a ponytail and glanced at my watch

I walked downstairs and I heard a car horns, am sure the driver is here

I opened the door and hesitated a bit,,

“I have to go somewhere Patsy, see you”I shouted hoping she hear me,,not like she cares anyway

I ran out of the gate and I found a red sport car parked outside, waiting for me

“Hi”I said to the driver, he got down and opened the door immediately he saw me

“Good morning ma’am”he replied and I got inside

He also got behind the wheels and we zoomed off

“So where are we heading to?”I asked him, a little curious

“The rockboys mansion”he said and my eyes always popped out,, I just can’t wait

Soon, the car stopped at the front of a huge gate,the driver horned and the huge gate opened

He zoomed in and turned off the ignition and I stepped out,,

,without waiting for him to open the door

My jaw dropped as I looked at the massive building-damn,it’s so magnificent

“Good morning ma’am”A female worker walked to meet me,,I was still standing at the car side

“I’m asked to bring you”she said and I smiled as I followed her

We entered the mansion, and I hurried after her,,we passed through many passage and finally

“She’s here Sir”she said with a bow as we stopped at entered a big room

Love y’all🙈

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