May 14, 2022

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The Nanny Episode 2

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[Babysitting his crazy children 👨‍👩‍]

🌸 Episode two 🌸

🎀 Maya 🎀

I continued walking and stopped to catch my breath when I had gone long enough.

“See, I’m almost there” I whispered to Darcy with a smile.

“Yeah, you’re so close” She said with a straight face and arms crossed together.

I looked at my front and saw that I hand’t gone anywhere.

I was just too shy 🙈 🙈.

I looked at Darcy with a glare now realizing she was just saying that sarcastically.

“Fine, I’m going for real now” I muttered to myself and mustered up courage with a sigh.

I walked confidently to his table and just stood on, looking at him.

His head faced me and I immediately realized his eyes were also on me.

“Sir, please if I may ask, why are you putting on a mask?” I asked him politely hoping he would reply me.

“Personal issues” He said with a muffled voice because of the mask.

“Oh” I mouthed and suddenly came up with a brilliant idea.

“But this eatery does not allow masks as dress codes, I don’t think you are aware” I said with a light smile.

“So you’ll just have to take off the mask or leave” I said folding my hands as I sighed in satisfaction.

“Fine then, I’ll leave” He said with a sigh.

My smile soon turned a frown.

“But… Sir…. Won’t you consider taking off the mask? This place is a really…. Uh….. Great…. Eatery” I said stuttering immediately.

“Uh no, thanks” He said and got up.

He went towards the playground and touched a little boy whom I recognized to be Steve Walters’ son.

I kinda knew all his children, 😁.

But I wouldn’t call myself a stalker and all 🙈 🙈.

Soon, they both walked out of the door and I ran after them.

“Go away now, I really have to go now” He said uncomfortably when he realized I was running after him.

“But Sir, you haven’t even ordered a thing” I said, disappointed.

“Don’t worry, now shoo!” He said shooing me away 🙍.

I walked dejectedly back and threw off my hat in frustration.

I still peeped and saw him and his son get into a limo.

That immediately confirmed my theory that he was Steve Walters.

Just when I was about to turn back, I saw him removing his mask and cursing out in frustration.

I let out an excited gasp and looked on.

Just then, he scanned the perimeter with his eyes realizing what he had just done.

I kept on looking forgetting to hide, and then he caught me.

Omg! He quickly jumped into his limo cursing out.

I also did the same and ran into the eatery.

“How did you offend that customer and why were you outside during work hours?” My boss, Ma’am P asked from my back.

I turned back slowly expecting the worst and then decided to lie my way out.

“Um Ma’am I……

“You’re fired!” She yelled sternly and walked into her office.

“Sorry” Darcy mouthed when I turned towards her direction.

I let out a huge sigh and walked into the changing room as there was no arguing with Ma’am P.

I pulled off my uniform, grabbed my stuff and walked out dejectedly.

I better start job hunting again. 😪😪

😎 Steve 😎

“Damn! Can’t believe she saw me!” I cursed out and punched the couch.

Because of that crazy stalker fan girl, the whole world would know that I ate at a common place.

I would be embarrassed in front of my friends.

“Daddy, why are you yelling at the couch?” Little Jamie questioned sweetly rubbing her eyes.

She was standing at the door.

I guess I woke her up cause she was holding her teddy.

“Nothing Darling, now go back to bed” I cooed and instead, she walked over to me.

She made me sit down and sat on my laps.

She brought out her pacifier and plugged up it into her mouth.

“I want you to sing me to sleep” She said when she was done.

“Fine” I said with a sigh and started singing.

She closed her eyes slowly and soon it was fully closed.

I got up quietly with her in my arms and made to go put her in bed when she shone her eyes open.

“I didn’t say I was asleep” She said and I groaned in frustration as I sat back down.

This is gonna be a long, long night 😪.


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