May 14, 2022

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The Nanny Episode 9

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[Babysitting his crazy children 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦]

💁 Episode nine 💁

“Aright, so I guess I’ll take you back home to grab your stuff, right?” He asked still sitting.

“Uh…. Yeah” I said smiling.

I felt like I was riding a magical unicorn to heaven ☺.

“Ok, let’s go now” He said getting up.

“Yeah” I mouthed and we both went out the door.

We soon got to the garage and I saw a lot of cars 😱 😱.

They were so much, 😱 😱.

He headed towards a limo and soon, a driver came running to him.

I didn’t even know he had drivers.

He just entered and waited for me to enter all by myself 😒.

That is not how a gentle man should behave 😒.

“That was not nice” I spoke up when we got into the car.

“What was not nice?” He asked not facing me.

“I believe you’re supposed to say; ladies first” I said with a frown and he let out a scoff.

Then the rest of the journey was in total silence.

We soon got to my house and I informed him.

He told the driver to stop and soon, the limo came to a halt right in front of my compound.

I opened the door and came out.

“Aren’t you gonna come?” I asked and he shook his head.

I shrugged and went inside the house.

I didn’t see anyone at home and I concluded they all went to the family store.

I left a note explaining everything to mom and dad and then went out dragging all the things I needed in a big luggage.

“Is that all you’re gonna need?” He asked with a perplexed expression.

“Yeah, anything wrong with that?” I asked also perplexed.

“Um…. Nothing” He said and I got in.

He still didn’t act like a gentle man 😒.


After minutes of driving, we soon got to the estate and I sighed.

Another long journey 😪 😪.

Soon we got to his apartment and alighted the limo.

We got into the house and Jenna ran to me and gave me a huge bear hug.

“Yay! Maya will stay here with us now!” She yelled in excitement.

“Come with me, I need to introduce you to all my dollies” She said and pulled me up the stairs.

This is gonna be so weird.

I’d have to say ‘hello’ or ‘hi’ to inanimate objects 😒.

We soon got to her room and she walked towards a huge dollhouse.

“All my dollies live here, and daddy helped build it” She said and I was like; awwwwn.

“After watching a tutorial video” She said in a lower voice and I chuckled.

Then she started bringing all her dollies out.

“This is Monique” She said and touched the doll’s orange hair.

“And this is Celestine” She said and brought out a doll with black short hair.

“And….. And….. ” She said ransacking the dollhouse looking for something.

“Anna” She said in a low vengeful voice and stomped out the door.

“I’ll be back” She said in a whisper and walked out.

Soon I heard rattling and fighting.

I rushed there and saw that Anna and Jenna were fighting.

“Anna! Jenna! Stop!” I yelled and separated them.

“Now tell me what happened” I asked.

“Anna took my favorite dolly and shoved it down the toilet!” Jenna blurted out.

“That’s because Jenna dropped my phone in the toilet yesterday!” Anna yelled back.

“Well, it was an accident!” She yelled back with an eye roll.

“I don’t easily forget stuff, Jenna” Anna replied in a lower voice.

Then they started fighting again and pulling on their hairs.

I went to look for their father and finally saw him.

You would never guess what he was doing.

He was sleeping!! 😒😒😒….


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