June 15, 2021

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The Royal Maid Episode 19

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❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️

❤️👑 Episode 19❤️👑

Alondria’s POV♥️

‘Here you go,steady Alondria’.. Clara,one of Meredith’s entourage murmured as she fed me a hot bowl of soup…

‘I…I…They..They killed Mara,Mara..Mara is dead’..I stuttered and she gasped..

‘Mara is dead?!! But that isn’t possible Mara can’t be dead?? How—

‘The queen ordered for us to be whipped and she died in the process’..I cut in and she made a little sound with her tongue..

‘I am very sorry Alondria,I know that Meredith also deserved to be whipped cause she’s the troublemaker’…She added..

‘But..I…I thought she’s your friend??’..I asked..

‘Meredith is no one’s friend Alondria,no one likes Meredith but they fear her of course and you know we believe that she might be the next head maid when Madam Petty retires’..She replied and I scoffed.

‘Well I’m not afraid of her that’s for sure,I will never be scared of her and you shouldn’t too’..

‘Look Alondria,I like you—I really do but sometimes you need to take things slow and steady,this Castle is full of snakes and scorpions which you have to avoid and I’ve been a maid here for two years so I know what I’m saying’….

‘Snakes and Scorpions??’..

‘Yes,the snakes are the ones who make sure you get into trouble so they can get rid of you, Meredith is a snake and everyone knows that..The Scorpions are the stingers, they’re the royals well except for his highness cause he’s not really harsh towards us’..She replied and I chuckled..

‘Well you have to avoid angering the Scorpions cause they will sting! The queen is the mother Scorpion and the deadliest and vilest human you could ever meet’..She added and I smiled…

‘Thank you for the advice Clara I really appreciate’..

Princess Reana’s POV♥️

‘We have come to the third stage of the competition and it is the talent contest,now the King will be having guests tomorrow in celebration of his birthday and you all are the entertainers with your talent..The princess who wins this will have the opportunity to spend a whole day with the king’..Duke Gregory announced..

‘Ohhh I will win this for sure with my talent’..Princess Chella boasted and walked away with her entourage..

‘I am pretty sure you will win this my princess’.. Meredith said and I frowned deeply..

‘No I will not Meredith,I can not sing and I can’t waltz beautifully?? No I can’t’..

‘So what are you going to go your highness??’…

‘I don’t know but I will come up with a plan,spy on what the other princesses are doing and let’s see what we can do to sabotage it’…

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