May 14, 2022

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The Royal Maid Episode 2

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❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️

❤️👑 Episode 2 ❤️👑

King Roland’s POV cont’d❤️

‘How on Earth could you do that without my permission mother?!! I never wanted any competition?!!’..I yelled at the top of my voice angrily and mother smiled…

‘The Queenly duty isn’t child’s play Roland,she has to regulate the maids and go to royal functions and help you with the kingdom!! it’s obvious you need a woman by your side!!’..She yelled back and I scoffed…

‘A woman?? I don’t need a woman by my side mother and even if I needed one I can have one by my bedside!! I don’t need a wife!!’..

‘Well the deed has been done already and the princesses are already on their way!!’..

Alondria’s POV❤️

‘Here is your room which you’ll be sharing with the other maids’..Madam Petty who is the head of all maids muttered as she handed me the key to a small door…

I unlocked it and walked in with Mara only for me to see three other girls talking and laughing and when we walked inside one of them scoffed…..

‘Look a new rat is here’..

‘Huh??’..I exclaimed with a frown on my face…

‘I said a new rat or should I say new rats??’..The black haired one replied and I clenched my fists…

it’s okay Alondria..

Control your anger like slave master always say….

‘I guess I should’ve introduced myself first,I’m Alondria and this is Mara,We are both new royal maids’..I said instead..

‘I’m Celine,nice to meet you’..The maid behind the rude black haired one replied and I nodded…

‘Kira’..The other maid said and after some few minutes the black haired one spoke..

‘Meredith is my name and no you aren’t welcome here!’..

‘But I was told to stay in this room you certainly have no right to send me away??’..I frowned and she scoffed lightly…

‘And who do you think you are?? I am the assistant head and I can make you go anywhere I want you to go!’…

‘Well Madam Petty said I can stay here so you can’t send me away?!! Who do you also think you are?!!’…I fired back….

‘I will rip your eyes out young slave!! No one talks to Meredith this way?!!’..She snarled and stood up to her feet….

‘And no one talks to Alondria this way!! You don’t talk to me also like this!! You are a maid and so am I!! The only person who deserves respect here is Madam Petty and if you think you can bully me then you lie Meredith!!’..I yelled already settled for a good fight…

‘Alo please don’t fight we haven’t even started working yet’..Mara whispered…

‘No Mara,I won’t let a fellow slave talk to me like this!! who does she think she is?! a slave princess?!!’..I groaned…

‘Ohh really you….’..Her voice trailed off as she launched herself at me but I moved out of the way and she landed on the ground…

‘Get up and I’ll show you how to fight bully!!!’..I beckoned and to my own dismay Madam Petty walked in..

‘The both of you out now! And you Alondria!! Fighting on your first day huh?? let’s see what the queen mother has to say about this!!’..She yelled..

Queen mother??..

Oh God..

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