September 12, 2021

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The Royal Maid Episode 4

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❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️

❤️👑 Episode 4 ❤️👑

Alondria’s POV❤️

With a sigh I took out the dust from the books in the study room and sneezed a bit as a speck wavered it’s way into my nose…

King Roland walked in again and I gulped hard seeing how powerful he looked…

I’ve heard about him for a long time but I never imagined he would be this young??…

I was actually thinking he would be way older than this…

‘You again??’..He asked and I pursed my lips..

‘I can leave if…if you want me to your highness’..

‘Leave then and don’t come back,I don’t want to see your face’..He quickly dismissed me and I almost frowned but who am I to frown at my master…

‘There is a commotion Alo,this Castle is already bubbling with activities’..Mara said as I walked into the room…

‘Tell me about it,the King said he doesn’t want to see my face’…I replied and she gasped..

‘You met the king?!!’..

‘Twice’…I muttered and slumped on the bed…

‘Wow!!! that’s great!!’..She exclaimed and just then Meredith walked inside..

‘Rat’..She muttered..

‘Crab head’..I replied and adjusted my apron….

‘Calling me a crab head huh?? well Madam Petty wants you helping Princess Reana’…She groaned and left the room..

Who is Princess Reana??…

Princess Reana’s POV❤️

‘Good evening your highness’..The auburn haired maid with gorgeous blue eyes bowed as she walked into my room and I immediately glanced at her with scorn..

‘What is your name??’..I asked..

‘Alondria your highness’.. She replied and the frown still didn’t leave my face…

‘Alondria what is this in my hand??’..I asked again..

‘A hair brush your highness’..She replied..

‘Good I want my hair all brushed out and I don’t want any bristles coming out or you are in terrible trouble!!’..I warned..

‘Your wish is my command your highness’..She replied and I nodded, turned around and looked at heet reflection in the mirror…

Her hair is so shiny and silky for a mere maid??…

she should have thorns and tangles in her hair and she should be ugly and not have pretty blue eyes!!!. .

‘Is that your real hair Alondria??’..I asked..

‘Yes your highness’…She replied and my eyes traveled over to where the scissors were..

I just wish I could cut her hair so bad!!!….

‘I want my hair to shine like yours Alondria and if it doesn’t then I’m going to cut your hair off!!!’..i yelled and her eyes widened…

‘But your hair look b—

‘You are a maid and I am your mistress so you have to do as I ask!!!’…

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