May 15, 2022

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The Widower Episode 1

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💜🖤The Widower💜🖤

💜(Her stubborn neighbor)💜

💜🖤Episode 1💜🖤

‘Why do we have to go??’.. Daniel asked his sister who was pretty exhausted from all the packing done earlier…

‘Well I got a new job in Iowa Remember?? as a teacher?? and if you want to stay then you can’..Maddie Daton answered her brother as she finally loaded the last of the boxes inside the van..

’But I have friends here I don’t want to—

‘Look Daniel you can visit anytime you want! Iowa is just a three hour drive away from here okay?? please I’m exhausted okay so let’s go!!’..Maddie snapped angrily and after some grumbling her 15 year old brother went into the van..

‘Look Daniel it’s just for some few months and then when I finally gather enough money we can go to Hawaii for that vacation I promised you’..She said ruffling his hair..


‘Yes really now let’s go’..


Jack Griffin sighed deeply as he placed the bouquet of rose flowers on his wife’s grave and clenched his fists lightly…

It’s been five years since Martha died and he was still heartbroken over the fact that she left him all alone..

‘Daddy can we go now??’..Kiki,his four year old daughter asked as sunflies began biting her little leg and he nodded..

‘Okay baby let’s go’..He murmured…

He married Martha just when he was 25 and Martha was 21 years old..

Head over heels in love they moved to Iowa to live a happy life and just after the wedding Jack found out that she was carrying his baby….

He was very happy and excited for the child until the doctor bombarded then with the news that Martha had complications with her pregnancy…

He begged her to terminate but she was so stubborn until she finally died hours after Kiki was born…

she just died leaving him with a little child to take care of on his own..

They were just a year in their marriage and she left him to the cold world all alone and angry too….

Now he’s 30 years old and a grumpy,cold, handsome and hot investigator who didn’t have time for women any longer…

And doesn’t believe in love too…

Love made him become a Widower..

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