June 30, 2022

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The Widower Episode 11

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💜🖤The Widower💜🖤

💜(Her stubborn neighbor)💜

💜🖤Episode 11💜🖤

Minutes later Maddie walked into the house with a somewhat sad look on her face and just then Daniel was with a slightly blonde girl in the living room…

‘Okay what’s going on??’..She asked and her brother flinched..

‘Ohhh it’s you sis I didn’t know you’d be this early’..He muttered tucking his hair behind his ear..

‘Yeah it’s me and I didn’t know you were having a visitor I would’ve gone to the Walmart’..She replied..

‘Ohhh my manners,Maddie meet Melanie she’s a colleague from school and Melanie meet Maddie my sister’..Daniel said and the two females shook hands…

A colleague from school or his girlfriend?,Maddie thought as Melanie left the house giving Daniel a sign to call her…

‘So what’s going on??’..He quickly asked his sister clearly in a ploy to move her mind sway from his business…

‘Ohh nothing much just that I uhmmm I just realised that our neighbor is actually a widower:..She replied..

‘Who?? Grumpy Jack?? Oh I actually knew about that a long time ago’..He said and Maddie’s eyes widened…

‘You knew he was a widower and you couldn’t tell me??!!’..

‘What?! Why did you have to know??’..

‘Well I could’ve been nicer to him and stop groaning about how much of a terrible husband he is?? I could’ve hurt his feelings!!’..

‘Feelings?? Ohh you don’t really have to worry yourself about that that guy is stone cold and I’m not sure he has feelings…By the way it’s been four years though so I guess it’s eaten him up!’..Daniel argued..

‘How on Earth do you know all this??’..Maddie asked..

‘Kiki told me’..He replied..

‘Kiki told you?? No kid should know about something like that it’s outrageous!! It’s like ruining a kids life or something!!’..Maddie yelled and her brother rolled his eyes..

Here his sister goes again with her child act talk..

‘It’s not our business Maddie,let’s just stay out of it’..

‘It is our business Daniel and Kiki is my pupil,i..I can’t just sit and watch her father ruin her life with his sad tales?? It’s just annoying to be honest’..Maddie refused..

‘Well so what are you going to do?? He’s her father!!’..

‘And I’m going to call the social workers before he ruins Kiki!!’

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