June 29, 2022

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The Widower Episode 2

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💜🖤The Widower💜🖤

💜(Her stubborn neighbor)💜

💜🖤Episode 2💜🖤

🎶Ohh here we go!!!..
Please let me know..
Off we go!!..
Don’t leave me in the cold!!…

🎶If I take you everywhere then well you wouldn’t know how to walk!.
if I spoke on your behalf then well you wouldn’t know how to talk..
if I gave you everything and everything is what I got..
I can take it all back I never cared by what you thought…

‘We are here!!’..Maddie said aloud as she stopped in front of the new house that was leased to her..

‘It’s kinda bigger than our old house’..Daniel scowled and his sister jabbed him on the ribs..

‘And you have enough space for your games and all of that and guess what?? there’s an extra guest room incase you want to have s*x with Leslie’..

‘Maddie!!Not cool!’.He groaned and she chuckled loudly…

‘What?? you think I don’t see those porno movies you watch?? You’re not serious sweetheart’..

‘Ughh if Dad were here he wouldn’t let you bully me!’..Daniel scowled and Maddie’s chuckle faded…

‘Yeah I miss him too let’s get packing shall we?? And then we could then bake cakes for our neighbors’…


Hours later they were all packed in and Maddie racked through the kitchen for dirt and when she found it empty she grabbed her car keys…

‘Daniel watch the house I’m going shopping for supplies!!’..She called out..

‘Okay break a leg!!’.. Daniel replied…

‘Hahaha not funny dude don’t do anything stupid that’s all I know’…She hollered and finally walked out the door..


‘I can’t believe he’s putting me in charge of road duty for the month when I could clearly be cracking cases!!’..Jack groaned under his breath as he adjusted his gun holster on his waist..

‘Well for one you’re not in the correct shape to do anything like that Jack, Today’s Martha’s uhmm you know’..Wendy, fellow colleague replied and he scoffed loudly….

‘You have got to be kidding me seriously!! this is obviously a joke!! Tell Mac I will talk to him about this later!!’..

He walked outside the station and just as he grabbed his phone Maddie’s van zoomed past him and parked in front of the Walmart store next to him…

‘Hey lady!! You were moving past the speed limit!!’..He yelled and Maddie turned around..

‘I don’t understand you sir what do you mean by that??’..She replied..

‘You are under arrest ma’am’..


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