May 14, 2022

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The Widower Episode 3

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💜🖤The Widower💜🖤

💜(Her stubborn neighbor)💜

💜🖤Episode 3💜🖤

‘You can’t arrest me I wasn’t moving past any speed limit!!’..Maddie yelled at the young handsome cop who seemed to be pretty out of his mind..

She was literally tired and the last thing she needed was one crazy cop arresting her..

‘Well then you can’t see clearly from those contact lenses you’re wearing ma’am,there’s a speed limit over there’..Jack said trying to remain calm as possible…

Today was his wife’s wedding anniversary and the last thing he needed was one woman irritating the hell out of him…

‘Contact lenses?? My eyes are really Gray for your information sir and I wasn’t moving past any speed limit!! I don’t even see what a speed limit is needed for when it’s not even a main road!! Look I’m very tired sir and it’s been a long ride so I’ll like do leave now!!’…She yelled and angrily Jack cuffed her with so much speed and skill..

‘Here is a ticket for you ma’am and good day’..He murmured and took of the cuffs in her hands…

‘What the f**k??’..The words just rolled out of Maddie’s mouth as the white police car drove away…


‘Okay seems like putting you in charge of the road was a bad idea’..Mac muttered as his best cop slumped on the couch..

‘She was going over the speed limit Mac’…

‘There is no speed limit near the Walmart store Jack and even if she wasn’t going over—

‘I know what I saw Mac and that’s final!!’…I yelled and after a moment he sighed deeply…

‘Okay I think you need to take the day off man,you’re clearly not in the right state of mind to do anything okay?? Just take the day off,make popcorn and watch a movie with Kiki she needs you’..

‘Okay fine I’ll go home but if it wasn’t for the sake of sanity I would’ve arrested that lady’..


‘The cop tried to arrest me can you even imagine?!! I wasn’t even going fast!! That van is not even related to anything fast!!’..Maddie groaned as she carried there grocery bags inside the house and dropped it on the kitchen counter…

‘We haven’t even been here for a while and you’re causing trouble sis?? Sheesh’.. Daniel muttered and she threw a ball at him..

‘Hey what was that for??’..

‘Stupid,come make sandwiches will you I’m starving and uhh i bought Bundt cakes and I’m about to go give our neighbors’..She replied…

‘Jeez you make a fuss over stupid things!! What’s the use of giving them cakes??’..Daniel asked..

‘As a sign of peace young man’..She said and took the first cake out of the box..

Being careful and with ease she walked over to the house next door and knocked on the door with a smile on her face…

‘Good evening sweetheart’..She said as Kiki opened the door..

‘Daddy!! someone is here!!’..The little girl yelled and when Jack stepped out of the door only to see Maddie Sparks blew..


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