May 14, 2022

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The Widower Episode 4

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💜🖤The Widower💜🖤

💜(Her stubborn neighbor)💜

💜🖤Episode 4 💜🖤

‘First you break the law and now you stalk me??’..Jack muttered as he leaned onto the doorway with a scornful look on his face..

‘I just moved in next door officer and jeez what is wrong with you?? It’s like you’re Mr Grumpy or something!!’..Maddie replied all surprised that the cop who got on her nerves was her neighbor…

‘So what do you want lady??’..He asked..

‘Well I wanted to bring this Bundt cake as a sign of peace to you’..Maddie replied and stretched her hand..

Now knowing that he was her neighbor there was no saying they couldn’t make peace could they??…

‘I don’t want y—

‘Daddy cake!! can we have cake daddy??’. Kiki interrupted..

‘No Kiki we can’t have cake what did I say about taking things from strangers??’..Jack replied and Maddie couldn’t help but Scoff..

‘Killjoy, here’s the cake sweetheart but make sure you brush your teeth and have dinner before anything okay??’..She said and ruffled Kiki’s hair..

‘Okay thank you’…


Hours later after stubbornly refusing to have anything with the cake Maddie brought Jack angrily got out of bed with a frown on his face and went to the kitchen only to turn on the lights and see his daughter on the counter..


‘What?? The cake is tasty!!’..


‘Yes tasty??’..

‘Kiki it’s 12am in the morning why are you here?!! You should be asleep okay?? School is tomorrow!’..Jack yelled and slapped the little spoon away from her hand and she bursted into tears…

‘But I’m hungry!!!’…

‘You just had steak and a bit of cake for dinner what’s wrong with you??’..

‘The cake is tasty daddy!! I want more!!’..She replied and Jack took her in his arms..

’It’s late Kiki and you have to go to bed okay?? I love you and tomorrow we’ll stop at McDonald’s to get burgers for school’…He g
promised and she yawned already getting ready for school…


The Next morning Maddie got dressed in a simple sundress coupled with a wide brimmed hat and went outside the house only to see Kiki already dressed…

‘Hey little!!!’…She called out and Kiki ran over.

‘Good morning Maddie!!’..

‘Morning sweetheart,you’re already dressed for school aren’t you?? Which school do you attend??’..Maddie asked and Kiki pointed at her notebook which clearly said Royal Caribbean Juniors…

The exact same school Maddie was employed in..

‘Well isn’t that a coincidence?? I’m going to be a teacher in your school,would you like to come with me??’..

‘Yes please daddy is still in the shower’..

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