May 14, 2022

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The Widower Episode 5

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💜🖤The Widower💜🖤

💜(Her stubborn neighbor)💜

💜🖤Episode 5💜🖤

‘Kiki?? Kiki where are you??’..Jack muttered as he came out of the shower all fully dressed and then frowned as he opened Kiki’s room door but couldn’t find her…

‘Kiki??’…He called out again and went outside but only her lunchbox was there..

‘Oh my God!!!’..He yelled and quickly rushed back into the house..


‘I am telling you seriously Mac my daughter has been kidnapped!!’..Jack yelled angrily..

‘I am doing the best I can Jack,I have ten officers on alert and they’re all looking for her what else would you have me do??’..Mac who was already getting annoyed asked..

‘Call the radio station!! The media!! Anything!! I lost Martha now I can’t loose Kiki?? I’ll die!’..Jack replied with his hands clapsed together…

if he lost Kiki then he would definitely commit suicide cause she was the only source of happiness in his life…

If that source ran out then his life was technically over…

‘I can’t contact the media Jack it’s only been few hours!!’..

‘I don’t care what you do Mac if I don’t see my daughter I might as well let all hell loose!! Iowa isn’t known for kidnappings?? How on Earth was my daughter Kidnapped with her lunchbox in front of my doorway?!!’..Jack yelled and just then Wendy walked in…

‘She wasn’t kidnapped Jack’…


‘She’s in school’..


‘I won’t repeat myself again!! Kiki is in school,she was obviously taken by her new teacher uhh what’s her name again?? Maddie! Yeah so you don’t have to worry your daughter is very fine and safe’..Wendy replied and Jack clenched his fists…

Somebody was gonna die that moment..


‘Tobias you shouldn’t be fighting with Kiki,what happened??’..Maddie asked the male four year old who was engaged in a previous fight with Jack’s daughter…

‘She…She called me a softie’..Tobias cried out…

‘He said my mommy was in hell!!’..Kiki replied and Maddie’s eyes froze..

‘No you don’t say things like that to someone Tobias, nobody’s mommy is in—’..Her voice was instantly cut off as soon as Jack barged into the classroom…

‘What are you do—

‘You are under arrest ma’am for the unauthorized posession of a child!!’..He yelled…

‘What?!!’..Maddie exclaimed as she rose up from the chair..

What on Earth was her crazy neighbor ranting about??..

‘You took my daughter without my knowledge?? You are spending your day in jail ma’am and then you’ll learn to mind your business!!’

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