May 14, 2022

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The Widower Episode 9

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💜🖤The Widower💜🖤

💜(Her stubborn neighbor)💜

💜🖤Episode 9💜🖤

‘You don’t have to ring it out loud Mac and besides I’m not interested in any woman in this town’..Jack frowned at his friend who was pretty surprised to hear about his celibacy…

‘Dude I’m just surprised at least you have to have had s*x once in four years?? Jeez how does your d**k survive?? Porno videos??’..Mac asked with a note of mockery in his voice…

‘Daddy what’s a d**k??’..Kiki asked and the two men jolted from their seats..

‘Ohh uhh it’s…it’s nothing sweetie forget uncle Mac said something like that’.. Jack replied throwing a haughty look at his friend and the little girl shrugged and left…

‘You see?? This is why I always urge you to keep your vulgar words to yourself but you wouldn’t listen!! Anyways it’s getting late and—

‘Getting late?? Dude it’s just 3:30pm’..Mac interrupted..

‘Yeah and I have to take Kiki to ballet practice’..Jack said..

‘Yeah right and get flirted again by Wanda’..Mac murmured talking about the ballet teacher that wouldn’t leave Jack alone..


‘Hey Jack,looking good I see’..Wanda Martins,the 25 year old divorcee who had a mass of blue dyed hair cheered excitedly as Jack walked into the room..

‘Hi Wanda,still have your blue hair I see’..He replied unable to stand the chattering woman..

‘Yeah you like it right?? I knew you’ve always liked me from the start but you’re just too—

‘Look Wanda I’m just here to drop my daughter for practice that’s all!!’..Jack snapped and she stopped talking immediately…

‘Okay hey Kiki,I love your new curls and it makes you look just like your mom’..She added and at the sound of that Jack’s eyes watered a bit but he wasn’t going to cry..

Hearing about his wife just makes him want to cry every single time but he just had to hold himself since he was a cop..

‘Uhhh ohh sorry I didn’t uhmm I uhnm’..Wanda stuttered as soon as she realized the gravity of her words..

‘Meh it’s okay,she really looks like her mom and—What is she doing here?!!’..Jack cut himself off as soon as he saw Maddie wearing ballet shoes…

‘Ohhh Madison?? She’s my new assistant in class, she’s really good at Dancing’..Wanda replied…

First she’s her teacher and now she’s her ballet instructor??..

‘ Kiki let’s go home’..He said..

‘Why?? what’s wrong??’..Kiki asked her father..

‘Well I don’t want you near that crazy woman that’s what’..He replied..

‘So you’re going to deprive your daughter of being happy just because of me?? Pffft’..Maddie scoffed and he clenched his fists…

The gray eyes was literally getting on his nerves…

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