June 30, 2022

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The X-Family Prologue

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(Octavia and the Master)



By: Faith Lucky

Mica has been away from her sister – Octavia – for years after going to join the X-Family ( a large group of people known for their power and superiority)

She never expected to see her sister soon. But what happens when her sister shows up one evening at her clan, demanding to be part of the X-Family?

The X-family was no child’s place as they were known to be dangerous and corrupt. They were enemies to the government who actually feared them.

The X-Family was so large, they had to split and create different clans which were controlled by Masters. Mica belonged to the top most powerful clan – the Khalid clan – owned by the powerful and cruel Master Khalid.

When Octavia suddenly shows up and insist on joining the Family, Mica kicked against it because she knew how dangerous it was. She tried to talk her sister out of it but it proved negative as Octavia was adamant on her decision on wanting to stay.

Instantly, Mica knew something was wrong. She knew her sister had always been scared of the X-Family and her sudden decision of wanting to join only meant something was wrong. She knew she had a different reason for wanting to stay.

Well, on the other hand, despite Octavia’s determination to stay, she still had the Master to face.

As a result of how powerful the Khalid clan was, everyone wanted to be a part of it. He had to put a limit to it and made up his mind not to receive new members.

But what happens when the weird, determined Octavia shows up? She’s made up her mind to convince the Master to accept her, no matter what. But the question is, would she succeed?

Would the dark – hearted Master find her worthy and accept her?

And what could be her reason for wanting to stay so badly?

What were her fears? What was she so scared of?

This story is going to be a blast, guys. You sure wouldn’t wanna miss it

Its rated 🔞
So, avoid if you’re less.

Let me go and rest for a week😁😁😁


Brought to you by Faith Lucky✍️
Love you all💋💋💋

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